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Audiophile Meetings & Visits  







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    Rick visits Menosh in Waterloo

Wilson Maxx 3s, Brinkmann Brado, Studer Tape Deck, Jadis 200 Power Amp, and Jadis 6 Chassis Preamp



  Sept 29, 2013  



    Rick's dinner & Music with friends

Bistecca alla Fiorentina + Music





  Sep 28, 2013  



    Rick visits Don Corby

8x12" JBL Drivers DIY Speakers, Brinkmann La Grange Turntable, TW Raven AC-3, Micro Seiki 500 Turntable, Triplanar Tonearm, Kuzma Airline, Moerch DP-6, Dynavector XV-1T, EMT Cartridge, Audio Aero Capitole CD Player






  Sep 7, 2013    
    Stereopal visits Lendog's Steak & Jazz Event

Featuring GOTO horns and Jacob's Porterhouse






  Sept 21, 2013 - AMP Comparo

Lamm 1.2 vs VAC Phi 200, vs McIntosh MC3500, vs Passlabs XA2001.






  Sep 13, 2013    
    GTA Audiophile Club - Friday night bash in Goodwood

New DaVinci Master Reference Virtu Tonearm & Goldfinger Statement Cartridge





  Sep 6, 2013    
    Musical Soiree at the Pong's Residence   Aug 17, 2013  



    GTA Audiophile Club - June hosting   June 15, 2013  



    GTA Audiophile Club - May hosting

Lyra Kleos, Reed 2A, JC Verdier La Platine, Rossner & Sohn Canofer-S, Viola Cadenza Premplifier, Passlabs X350.5, Wilson Sophia, Rogers LS35/A, Harbeth LS35/A, Kef LS35/A, McIntos MC225, McIntosh, MC275, Shindo Monbrison, AR LS25 Preamp, Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento

  May 20th, 2013  




 / GTA Audiophile Club Turntable setup seminar
  April 27, 2013  



    Stereopal visits Ed from Vancouver

JC Verdier La Platine, Brinkmann Brado, Acoustic Solid Fat Bob, VPI HRX, Clearaudio Master Reference, Burmester 911 Mk III, Burmester 111 MusicCenter, Burmester PH 100 Phono stage, Aesthetix Calypso, JMlabs Focal Maestro Utopia

  April 14, 2013    
    GTAA Jazz 102 - An Evening of Jazz Labels   March 22, 2012    
    David & Lawrence visits LK in Asia

Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement Cartridge, Solution AV system, EAR 912 Phono stage
  Feb 15, 2013  

    GTAA Jazz 101 - Last Minute Cancellation, backup venue   Feb 1, 2013





    GTA Audiophile Club Westend Meeting





  Jan 19, 2013  



    GTA Audiophile Club New Year's Party   Dec 29, 2012  

    GTA Audiophile Club Annual X'Mas dinner 2012   Dec 1, 2012  

    Nov Pre-Xmas Dinner Gala   Nov 30, 2012  


  Nov Hosting & Speaker Positioning Exercise   Nov 12, 2012  

    A Tale of 3 Tonearms

Artemis Labs TA-1, DaVinci Maser Reference Virtu, Durand Telos

  Sep 7, 2012    
    GTA Audiophile Club - August Meeting   Aug 28, 2012  



    Stereopal features Przemslaw's system

Jadis JP80 MC Preamplifier, Jadis JA80 25th Anniversary Amplifier, Jadis JD-1 Drive, Serblin Ktema Loudspeakers

  Aug 28, 2012    
    Musical Soiree at Dr. Pong's residence.

 "Pool" concert series, featuring Sietse-Jan Weijenberg on Cello & Li Wang on Piano.


  Jul 21, 2012    
    GTAA Midtown Toronto, An Evening of Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Kondo M7 / IO-M + Bowmore 25 yr old Scotch   Jul 20, 2012    
    GTAA Downtown Toronto, Wednesday Night Casual

Shindo Monbrison, Shindo Haut Brion, Devoure Super 8 Speakers, DPS Turntable, Schroeder DPS Tonearm, EMT TSD 15 Cartridge

  Jul 18, 2012    
    GTAA Etobicoke Friday Night Casual Meeting

Martin Logan Prodigy Speakers, VPI Class Turnrable, Shelter 9000 Chartridge, Pass Labs Xono Phono Stage, Sonic Frontier Power 2 Amplifier, Pass Labs X250.5 Amplifier, Sonic Frontier Preamp

  June 29, 2012    
    GTAA Richmond Hill Wednesday Night Casual Meeting

Jadis 80 Preamps, Jadis 200 Power Amplifier, Clearaudio Innovation Turntable, Kuzma 4 Point Arm, Clearaudio Goldfinger cartridge, Rossner & Sohn Canofer-S Phono Stage, NBS Black Label Cables

  Jun 27, 2012    
    GTAA Visit: David Cohen   June 21, 2012    
    GTAA June Meeting: Downtown Toronto   June 12, 2012    
    GTAA Visit: Dr. Edward Pong   June 4, 2012    
    GTAA May Meeting - Midtown Toronto   May 28, 2012    
    GTAA May Pizza Party - Uxbridge   May 14th, 2012    
    GTAA Friday Night Impromptu ......

Debute of the Von Gaylord Audio Uni Monoblocks

  May 11, 2012    
    GTA Audiophile Club Visits Marlen Mogilever of Blueberry Hill Audio   Apr 20, 2012    
    GTA Audiophile Club - Speaker Positing Exercise at Len's place   April 12, 2012    

GTA Audiophile Club: Spring Kickoff Dinner


Equipment debut: Burmester PH 100 Phono Stage, Audio Research Reference 2 SE Phono Stage


Special guest: Ming Su of J.C Verdier



March 31, 2012


    GTA Audiophile Club Visits: 

Lawrence vists Thomas in Hong Kong

  March 23, 2012    
    GTA Audiophile Club Visits:

Lawrence visits Mr. Law in Hong Kong

  March 22, 2012    
    GTA Audiophile Club Visits:

Lawrence visits Allan Soo in Hong Kong

  March 21, 2012    
    GTA Audiophile Club: Louis' Adventures in HK

Linn LP12 with Naim ARO tonearm, Acutex MM cartridge, Lenco turntable, Pioneer Exclusive P3,  Luxman, MBL 101E loudspeakers, Mark Levinson ML-23.5 mono blocks, Mark Levinson ML-20.5 mono blocks, MBL Speakers

  Dec 23, 2011    


GTA Audiophile Club: March Break Meeting

Luxman PD-284 Turntable, Denon 103R Cartridge, Project Tube Box II Phono Stage, Stello CDT-100 Transport, Wyred4Sound DAC, Linux Music Server, Coda CL Preamp, Coda CS Amplifier, Volent CL-2 SPeakers


March 28, 2012


    Stereopal visits Architronics Inc.

Architronics was established in 1994, in response to a need for a more professional approach to integrated solutions in the custom-installed electronics industry. Since then, Architronics has established itself as a leading innovator and has designed and completed successful projects in the greater Toronto area, the Maritimes, Bermuda, the United States and the Caribbean.


  March 16, 2012


    GTA Audiophile Club: Feburary Toronto Meeting


McIntosh MCD1100 CD Player, C1000 Preamp, MC2KW Amplifier, MC3500 Power Amplifier, Dynaudio  Temptation Speakers, JC Verdier La Plantine Vintage Turntable, TW Raven AC Turntable, DaVinci Grandezza, Kondo IO-M, SLF-KFz, M7 PHono, Reed 2P, My Sonicl Lab Ultra Eminent BC, FM Acoustics FM-122 Mk II, Rossner & Sohn Canofer-S, Clearduio Goldfinger, Artemis Labs TA-1L Ebony 12" arm, Schroeder Reference 12" Ebony Arm, LYRA Olympos Cartridge, Ensemble Fonobrio Phono Stage




  Feb 26, 2011    
    GTA Audiophile Club: Mississauga Meeting

Mitchell Gyrodec Turntable, Jelco Tonearm, Denon 103R Cartridge, LYRA Delos, McIntosh C2200 Preamp, Focal JM Lab speakers, McIntosh MC275 Power Amplifier

  Jan 28, 2011    
    GTA Audiophile Club: Oakville Meeting

Musical Fidelity KWP, KW SS, Simaudio P8, Sonic Frontier Line 3 Preamp, VTL 250, McIntosh MC2500, Clearaudio Master Solution AMG, Benz Micro  M, Clearaudio Stradivari V2, Clearaduio Syncro, ASR Basis Exclusiv Phono Stage, Simaudio Andromeda, McIntohs MR78 Tuner, Von Schweikert VR-5 Mk II Special Editiion

  Jan 24, 2011    
    GTA Audiophile Club: Speakering Positioning Methods

An exercise with the Dynaudio Sapphires & MC501s

  Dec 12, 2011    
    Stereopal Visits: Carlo visits Chris

Gryphon Antileon Signature Monoblock, Gryphon Poseidon Speakers, Micro Seiki MS500 Turntable, dCS Scarletti, DAC, Master Clock, Antelope 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock

  Dec 9, 2011    
    Pat Greco in Woodbridge

Modified Lenco Turntable, Audio Prism Mantissa, Ridge Street Audio Sason Speakers, Dodd Audio Monoblock Amplifier, Paul Haynes Phono Stage

  Dec 9, 2011    
    X'mas Dinner

X'Mas dinner held at Mogette Bistro

  Dec 2, 2011    
    GTA Audiophile Club - Oct Meeting

Audio Research 40th Anniversary Preamp, Audio Research Reference II SE Phono Stage, Dynavector XV-1S Cartridge, Reed 2P Arm, JC Verdier La Platine turntable, Martin Logan CLX speakers, McIntosh MR-78 Tuner

  Oct 11, 2011    
    Shawn in Scarborough

Manley Neo-Classics 250 Power Amplifier, Piega C8 Limited, Cary 306 CD/SACD Player, Equitech 1.5Q

  Nov 19, 2011    
    Cosmo in Mississauga No. 1

AAD Studio Monitor 7000i, Halcro dm68 Amplifier, Manley Steelhead Phono Stage, Goldmund Reference Turntable, Van den Hul Colibri Cartridge, Micro Seiki 111 Turntable.

  Oct 21, 2011    
    Cosmo in Mississauga No. 2

McIntosh C20 Preamplifier, MBL 1611F D/A Converter, McIntosh MR78 Tuner, McIntosh MC30 Amplifiers x 4, Sony SCD-1 CD Player, Thorens Turntable

  Oct 21, 2011    
    GTA Audiophile Club - Durham Region Mtg

Audio Research 40th Anniversary Preamp, Oracle V, SME-309 arm, Koetsu Rosewood, Esoteric K-05 CD Player, Transcendent Sound The Beast, McIntosh MR-78 Tuner, Bryston 28BSST Monoblocks, Martin Logan CLX Speakers

  Oct 19, 2011    
    Stereopal Visit: Rick`s system No. 2

Das Forumslaufwerk No. 25 by Rossner & Sohn, Rossner & Sohn Si 1.2, Lyra Kleos, Steven & Billington TX-103 by Bent Audio, McIntosh C22 60th Anniversary Edition, McIntosh MC225, MC240, MC30, JBL 4343, Equitech 2Q

  Oct 18, 2011    
    GTA Audiophile Club: Brett in Etobicoke

VPI Classic Turntable with Van Den Hul Colibri Reference Mk II, Pass Labs XP15 Phono stage, Sonic Frontier Preamp, Passlabs X250.5 Poweramp, Sonic Frontier Power 2, Martin Logan Odyssey Speakers

  Oct 15, 2011  



    Stereopal Visit:  MC601 Adventure at Carlo's

Notthingham 294, Audio Research Reference 3 Preamp, McIntosh MC601, Focal JMlabs Utopia, EAR 834P, McIntosh MC240 Vintage Amplifier

  Oct 12, 2011  



    GTA Audiophile Club: Lawrence in Toronto

New Audio Frontiers 845 Amplifier, Shindo Monbrison, Podium Sound Speakers.  Wilson Sophia Speakers, McIntosh MPC1500, MC-275 V, Almarro Amplifier

  Oct 8, 2011  

 Fall Dinner Party



  Sept 10, 2011  





  Eric in Toronto

Kuzma Stabi Reference Turntable, Kuzma 4Point arm, Miyabi 47 Cartridge, 47 Labs Phono Cube, EAR 899 Amplifier, Rossner & Sohn Canofer-S Phono Stage

  Aug 28, 2011  



    Ran in North York

Music Server, Volent VL-2 Speakers, Bel Canto REF500M Amplifiers


Aug 27, 2011






Michael in Toronto


Jean Nantais' Lenco with Audiocraft and Moerch UP-4 Arm, EMT cartridge, Dynavector DV-20XL, Auditorium 23 Step Up Transformer, Shindo Aurieges, Shindo Montille Amplifier, Cora Betas speakers



  Aug 14, 2011  



    Stereopal 2011 Summer Kickoff Dinner

No Audio this time, Food & close friends only


  June 25, 2011  



    Louis in Toronto

Verdier La Platine, ZYX Unvierse, Reed 2A, Moerch DP-6, Denon 103 modified, Passlabs INT-150, Weiss DAC202, Dynaudiio Sapphire, Dynaudio Special 25, McIntosh MC402, McIntosh C48, Equitech Son of Q

  June 8, 2011  



    Will in Markham

VPI Scout, Dynavector 20DX, McIntosh MA6900, JM Lab Focal Utopia Be, Equitech 2Q

  June 4, 2011  






Alek's Place, GTA


VPI Scoutmaster, Lyra Kleos Cartridge, Sowter Stepup Transformer, Furutech AG-12 Phono Cable, J.C Verdier Control B Preamp, McIntosh MC275, Meadowlark Speakers


May 27, 2011





  May Meeting


MC2KW, MC3500, C1000, TW Raven AC, JC Verdier MCD1100, Dynaudio Temptations


May 20, 2011







Rives Audio Room

Custom audio room designed by Rives Audio




  Date: May 15, 2010  



    Len's system in Toronto

Lowther Single Driver Custom Cabinets, Jean Nantais Uber Lenco, J.C Verdier La Platine, Wyetech Labs Opal Preamp, Coincident 300B Frankenstein Mk II Mono Block Amplifier



  May 12, 2011  



    Andre "Mr. Acoustat" Sevigny from St. Catherines

Chord CPM-2600 Integrated, Chord One CD Player, Acoustat 1+1

  May 5, 2011  



    Tony in Mississauga

Altec Lansing Single Driver speaker, CEC Belt Driver player, JC Verdier La Platine, Reed 2A Arm, Allnic Cartridge, Arthur Loesch Preamp,

  April 29, 2011  

 Toronto DAC Shootout

Weiss DAC2 vs Lampizator vs Oppo 95 vs McIntosh MCD1100 vs Wavelength

  April 19, 2011  





Marco from Toronto


Mitchell Gyrodec, Bent Audio Copper Transformer, Jelco Arm, Denon 103R, Lyra Delos Cartridge.  McIntosh C2200, McIntosh MC275.



 Aprl 5, 2011









Lawrence's place, Toronto

Podium Sound Model 1, Burmester CDP001, Shindo Monbrison, Oracle V, PS Audio Premier, Esoteric DV-05, New Audio Frontier



 Nov 5, 2010







Marlen Mogilever of Blueberry Hill Audio, and former Chief Eng. of Sound Fusion Canada


Forsell Turntable, ZYX Universe Cartridge, Audio Research CD7, Audio Research Ref 3 Preamp, Art Audio Symphony II, Sound Fusion speakers


 Oct 15, 2010










Mike from Toronto


DIY 211 Power Amp, DIY Jadis Preamp, DIY Tube/SS DAC, Celestion Speakers


 Dec 30, 2009

(Under Construction)







    Pat from Woodbridge

Exempler Audio CD Player, Dodd Audio Monoblock Amplifier, Audioprism Mantissa Linestage Preamp, Paul Haynes Design Phono Stage, Lenco L-75 Turntable, Ridge Street Audio Sason LTD Speakers

   Feb 15, 2009  



    Tony from Toronto

JC Verdier La Platine Vintage, McIntosh MR-67, Custom built, Serious Stereo 2A3, 417A-45-Tango NC14 - 45/2A3/300B Amplifiers, GPA 504-8H & Altec 604E speaker drivers, etc.

   Nov 15, 2008  



    Aleksander from Toronto

Audio Analogue Paganini CD Player, Song Audio SA-1 Preamp, McIntosh MC275 Power Amplifier, Michell Engineering Gyrodec SE, RS-A1 Tonearm, Shelter 7000 Cartridge, Meadowlark Herron Speakers, Chang Lightspeed Power Conditioner, NBS Speaker cable


   Sep 8, 2008  



    Raymond from Richmond Hill (Under Construction)

VPI HRX with Rim Drive, Shelter 901 Cartridge, Jadis 80 MC Preamp, Jadis JA 200 Monoblock Amplifier, dCS Elgar Plus, dCS Verdi Transport, Avalon Eidolon Speaker, NBS Speaker Cable

  Date: Sep 1, 2008  



    Revisit: Mazher Jaffar from Mumbia India

Meridian 808i.2, Cary CD 306 SACD, Gryphon Sonata Allegro, Antilion Signature, T.A.D Tidal Audio Diacera,  Argento & Transparent Cables



  Date: Aug 18, 2008  



    Wilfred from Richmond Hill

Moon Esclipse CD Player, Audio Research LS26 Preamplifier, Jeff Rowland Mode 6, Sonus Faber Cremona M, Equitech 2Q, Logitech Squeeze Box


  Date: Aug 11,2008  





Jason rom Ontario


McIntosh MCD201, McIntosh C1000C, C1000T, McIntosh MC501 x 2, Focal JMlabs Profile 908






Date: Aug 9, 2008





    Jamie from Markham   

Linn LP 12, Densen Phono Stage, McIntosh C2200, McIntosh MVP-861, McIntosh MC501 x 2, Wilson Watt Puppy

  Date: June 6, 2008  



    Carlo from Ontario

Notthingham 294, Audio Research Reference 3 Preamp, Bryston 7BSST, B&W Nautilus 802, EAR 834P, Tannoy Mini-Autograph, McIntosh MC6900

  Date: June 1, 2008  



    Larry from Toronto  

Shindo Labs Monbrison, Burmester 001 CD Player, New Audio Frontiers 845SE Special Edition, Podium Sound Podium 1 Speaker

  Date: May 22, 2008  





John Wiederspan from Nebraska, USA


Harmon Kardon FL8300 CD player, Scott Nixon DAC
Ariston Q turntable, DIY pre-amp, KEF 104ab Pre-amp, GAS Thoebe Power amp, GAS Son of Ampzilla


Date: March 31, 2008






    Peter from Markham

Nottingham 294, Audio Research LS17, Melody CD M10 CD Player, Classe Audio CA-M400 Monoblock, Wilson Watt Puppy, Sound Application Power Conditioner

  Date: March 11, 2008  



    Yum Ting from Toronto (Revisit)

Wadia CDP, Denson Audio & Focal JM Labs


  Date: Dec 20, 2007    
    Jerry Seh from Singapore

Linn LP12, Lingo / Ekos / Troika, McIntosh MCD7005, MX113, MC2205, MQ101, ML1C, R612, MCD1000, MDA1000, MVP841, MQ109B, MC1201 x 4, XRT30, MC2000 x 2

  Date: Dec 12, 2007  



    Jacques from Belgium

Thorens TD 126 Mk III, Quad FM4, McIntosh MCD1000, MDA1000, C1000 Preamp, MC501 Monoblocks, ProAc D100



  Date: Dec 11, 2007  




Hill from L.A, California


Audio Research Reference 2 Preamp, AR Reference 2 Phono Stage, Lamm Industries ML-1, SAEC Tonearm, Shun Mook Reference Cartridge, Shum Mook LP Clamp, and other Shun Mook products, Focal JMLabs Nova Utopia


Date: Dec 10, 2007





Rene Stock from Toronto


DPS Model 2, Vacuum State JLTI, FI Super Y, Fi Super X 2A3, Cain & Cain Abby, Running Spring Audio Haley, Benchmark DAC, Wavelength The Brick DAC


Date: Sep 26, 2007







    Pevin from Markham

Sony SCD-1, Tact RCS 2.0, Boulder 1012, Sonic Frontier Power 3, Bryston 7BSST, Dunlavy Millennium

  Date: Jul 2, 2007  




Luigi Raymund Lira from the Philippines


Michell Gyrodec Mk2, VPI HW 19 JR w/ Rega RB 250, Conrad Johnson MC1, Audio Research SP 11 Mk 2, Audio Research SP10 Mk-2, EC21 Crossover, D79B, 150 Audio Research 250 Mk2 Servo, Snell Type 2a speakers, Duntech Princess


  Revisit: May 25, 2007  



    Larry from Toronto

Burmester CD-001, Esoteric DV-50s, Audio Research LS-25 Mk II, Pass Labs X350.5, Almarro 318B, Wilson Sophia I, PS Audio Power Plant Premier, Rossner und Sohn Canofer S, Oracle Delphi Mark V turntable

  Date: May 20, 2007  



    Greg from Markham, Ontario

Oracle CD 550, Cayin CD 50T, Audio Research SP-8, Cayin A50T, Cayin A 100T, Cayin S100, Canary Audio CA 160, Focal JMlabs Mini Utopia, Pro Ac Response Replica

  Date: May 2, 2007  




Michael Wong from Markham, Ontario


Shangling CD-300, Anthem MCA-5, Anthem AVM 2

Avant Garde RX-20

  Date: April 20, 2007  



    Mr. Wong from Markham, Ontario

Shangling CD T-200, Melos MA-333, PS Audio HCA-2, PS Audio Premier Power Plant, Gershman Acoustics Avant Garde RX-20

  Date: April 20, 2007  



    Jeff Lewno from Michigan

Manley Reference 350, Magnepan 3.6

  Date: Feb 23, 2007  



    Paul Piffard from Petrolia, Ontario

Rega Apollo, NAD C162 Preamp, Ming Da MC-34 AB, Dali Ikon 7



  Date: Jan 20, 2007  




Frank  from Toronto  


Oracle Mk V, Ensemble Dirondo CD Player, Magnepan 3.6R, Audio Research SP-11, Conrad Johnson Premier 8A





Date: Dec 15, 2006







Bruce Mallory (Revisit Update)


Oracle II, Musical Fidelity A3CD, Copland 301, VTL ST-85

Wilson Benesch Actors


  Date: Nov 30, 2006  



    Jacky from Toronto

Raymond Lumley, Spectra & Magnepan, Oracle Turntable, Benz Micro Reference

  Date: Oct 28, 2006  



    Ran Perry from Toronto (Revisit)

Bel Canto REF1000, Wadia 306, Hales Concept 5

  Date: Oct 26, 2006  




Louis from Toronto (System No. 1)


Esoteric DV-50S, Wavelength Brick DAC, Pathos Classic One, VPI Jr.

Dynaudio Special 25 Speakers



Date: Oct 13, 2006





Louis from Toronto (System No. 2)


Pioneer Elite DV59i, Krell Showcase Processor

Aragon Monoblocks, Jamo Oriel

  Date: Oct 13, 2006  




Joe from Bloomington, Ontario


JC Verdier La Platine Reference turntable with Granite Base Accuphase DP-55 CD Player, Accuphase C260 with MC/MM Phono, Pass Labs Aleph 5 Class A Power Amplifier, ATC 20T Speakers


Date: Sept 20, 2006




    Winston Ma of FIM Music, Seattle, USA

FIM Prototype CD Player, FIM Prototype Preamp, DK Design Monoblock, Avalon Sentinel Speakers


  Date: Aug 22, 2006  




Ben from Toronto


Myryad MCD600, McIntosh MC275 IV

Martin Logan Odyssey


  Date: May 13, 2006  




Martin Chan from Toronto


Shangling SCD-T200C, Convergent Audio Technology SL1

Cary V12 Amplifier, Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home

  Date: April 22, 2006  



    Ran from Toronto

Wadia 302, Jeff Rowland Model 3, Hales Concept 5

  Date: April 21, 2006  





Special Visit to Song Kim of Song Audio, Toronto


Date: April 19, 2006







    Victor from Toronto

intage  WE300B, Tannoy Audiographs, Marantz 7 Tuner, Norther Electric Console Radio, and plenty of other vintage goodies !


  Date: April 8, 2006  



    Victor from Toronto, 2nd System

Jadis CD-3, McIntosh MC-60, Wilson Watt 2

  Date: April 8, 2006  





Rebecca of Audiotechnique Magazine, Hong Kong


Accuphase CD Player, Mark Levinson N.326s Preamp

Passlabs X600.5 Power Amp, Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation





Date: Mar 20, 2006







Lincoln of Audiotechnique Magazine, Hong Kong      


Esoteric CD Player, Basis Signature Turntable

Krell Evolution One & Two, Venture Grand Excellence



  Date: Mar 20, 2006  



    Ken from Markham, Revisit

McCormack DNA1, Plinius SA100, DIY Dynaudio

  Date: Mar 3, 2006  



    Ken from Markham, 2nd System Revisit

Cary 306, JC Verdier 845, DIY Scanspeak Speaker

  Date: Mar 3, 2006  




Tomi Bruno from the French Isle


Audio Research D150, D250 Mk II, SP6 C1, SP10

Mark Levinson ML2, ML9, ML6A, Cochet PS1

Audio Parallel 300B, CEC Evolution, Orphιus Zero

Orphιus One, Quad ESL57, ESL 63, Thorens TD 160 MKII


  Date: Feb 27, 2006  



    Nelson from Vancouver


Linn Sondek, Balanced Audio Technology VK60

BAT VK5i & Talon Khorus Speakers


  Date: Feb 24, 2006  




Ed from Vancouver


MBL Digital, Theta DAC, Classe Preamp

MBL Amplifiers, Genesis 2 Speakers


  Date: Feb 16, 2006  



    Jay from Toronto

Classe CA400, B&W 801 & Vintage Macs

  Date: Feb 13, 2006  



    Tuan from Toronto

Naim CDX-2, Naim NAC252, Naim NAP 300, Wilson Benesch Discovery

  Date: Feb 11, 2006  




Stephen from Hongkong


Nothingham Turntable, Mark Levinson 26S

Wilson Benesch Discovery


  Date: Jan 7, 2006  



    Bruce from Toronto

Copland, VTL-ST85 & Wilson Benesch Orators  

  Date: Dec 19, 05  



    Bill from New Jersey, USA

Rega 25, Jolida / Ming Da & Usher Speakers

  Date Dec 17, 2005





    Mr.Nang from Toronto

Wadia 860 CD Player, Gryphon LE, Gryphon DM 100 Power Amp,  Avalon Eclipse Classic

  Date: Nov 19, 2005    
    Ken from Markham


Krell 250me & B&W Nautilus 802, Dynaudio DIY

EnVogue Quasar Turntable


  Date: Oct 11, 2005  



    Ken from Markham, 2nd system

Hovland HP-100, VAC 70/70 300B, Focal JMlab

  Date: Oct 11, 2005  




Tommy from Toronto


Boulder 2010 / 2050 & TAG McLaren

VAC Renaissance / 240  & Avalon Ascent

Jeff Rowland Model 9 & Eggleston Andre II

McIntosh 275, Gryphon Preamp, etc etc !!!


  Date: Sept 29, 2005  



    Scott Robinson from Toronto

Song Audio EL34 & Loth-X Amaze

  Date: Sep 26, 2005  



    Mazher B Jaffar from Mumbai India

Gryphon, Camelot Sources & Gamut L-5 Speaker


  Date: Sep 15, 2005  



    Steven Huang of Cryoclear Cables

Tube Research Sony SACD Player, Marantz SCD-14, Rotel RMB-1095, Anthem AVM20, Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS, Paradign Reference Studio 60

  Date: Sep 12, 2005  



    Jacky from Mississauga

Hovland HP100, Sonic Frontier Power 3, Hales Speakers


  Date: Sep 10, 2005  



    Jacky System No. 2

Dynaco ST 70 & Totem Signature

  Date: Sep 10, 2005  



    Kayson from Toronto

JAS Audio, Ming-Da & Aurum Cantus

  Date: Sept 6, 2005  



    Ronnie from Markham

6L6 & Martin Loga, CEC & B&W 802

  Date Sept 3, 2005  



    Ken Shum from Singapore

Stunning Quad amped Horn System

  Date: Sept 2, 2005  



    Wolfgang Stόve from Germany

Huge McIntosh Collector

  Date: Sept 2, 2005  



    John Sherwood from USA

Welborne Labs 300B & Hedlund Horns


  Date: Sept 1, 2005  



    Peter Burke from USA

Heavy Duty DIY & Magnepans 3.5

  Date: Aug 31, 2005  



    Dick from Cyprus

Symphonic Line Turntable, Amps & Speakers

  Date: Aug 29, 2005  



    David Kan from Toronto

Naim CDP, Song Audio, ASL & Loth X



  Date: Aug 28, 2005  



    David Kan System No. 2

Symphonic Line & Apogee

  Date: Aug 28, 2005  



    David Kan System No. 3

Sim Audio, Restek & Dynaudio Facette

  Date: Aug 28, 2005  



    David Kan System No. 4

Dared Mono & Focal JM Labs

  Date: Aug 28, 2005  



    David Kan System No. 5

Audiozone Amp 1 & Loth-X Aura

  Date: Aug 28, 2005  



    Michael from Toronto

Luxman D105, Silus Wu 6BX7 & Morel Bookshelf

  Date: Aug 25, 2005  



    Joe from Aurora

JC Verdier La Platine Vintage Turntable, Audiocraft Tonearm, Sony SCD1, Krell KSA100,  Dunlavy SC IV Speakers


  Date: Aug 18, 2005  



    Bruce from Toronto

Sony SCD1, ASL SET 2A3 & Laurenity Acoustics

  Date: Aug 2, 2005  



    Shawn from Toronto

Cary 306 CD Player,, Passlabs X1 Preamp, Granite Audio 860 Monoblock, Piega C8 Limited Speakers

  Date: Jul 25, 2005  



    Aaron from Toronto

MingDa 3008AB & Aurum Cantus Speakers


  Date: Aug 1, 2004  



    Aaron from Toronto

JAS Audio Array & JAS Audio Orsus

  Date: Aug 1, 2004  



    Rick of, from Vancouver


McIntosh MCD1000, MDA1000, C1000 Preamp, MC2102 Amplifier, MC2KW Monoblock Amplifier, Dynaudio Temptation Speaker, JC Verdier La Plantine Vintage Turntable, Moerch DP6 Tonearm, ZYX Universe Cartridge


  Date: Current    







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