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  Stereopal Visit:

Marlen Mogliever, Chief Engineer of Blueberry Hill Audio, and former Sound Fusion Canada



 Date:  Oct 15, 2010





Healt issues prevented me from making visits for a long period of time.  Thank God I'm back in one piece !

Marlen was the chief engineer of former Sound Fusion Canada, and currently the chief engineer of Blueberry Hill Audio.   Blue Berry Hill audio currently designs cables with Step Up Transformers incorporated into the cable itself.

Marlen also designed the air pump you see here for the Forsell Turnable, a rare item in itself.  Probably only handful of them in Canada.

If you want to know the system sounds like, think singled ended high efficiency on steroids, i.e transparency and dynamics at it's very best.




  System Components:  
  Turntable: Forsell Turntable
  Cartridge: ZYX Unvierse
  Amplifier Art Audio Symphnony II
  CD Player Audio Research Reference 7
  Speakers: Sound Fusion



One of the most complete Mercury Living Stereo collection I have seen in Canada




ZYX Universe Cartridge






Step Up Transformers incorporated into the cable itself.   Designed by Marlin.






























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