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  Stereopal Home Visit:   Joe from Bloomington, Ontario  Date:  Sep 20, 2006


                 "Nobody thought I could drive the ATC20 with my 60W Passlabs Aleph 5"......     Joe




Joe's new setup is a perfect example of how speaker positioning can compensate for low frequency inadequacy.    At only 60W into 8 ohm, the Pass Labs Aleph 5 is underpowered when it comes to driving the 83db ATC20 woofers.

The speakers were initially positioned far back into the room, with only 4 feet from the wall.    Joe spent a lot of time repositioning the speakers to their current position.   The bass is tigher and with less boom.

Joe has basically changed his setup entirely since my last visit.    Personally, I prefer this setup over his previous setup with the Krell KSA100 driving the Dunlavy SCIV.

Unfornately, Joe's house has been sold so he now has to sell all his equipments, except for the JC Verdier which I advised him to keep forever !



  System Components:  
  Source: JC Verdier Reference Turntable with Granite Base
  Tonearm: Audiocraft 3000
  Pre Pre Amp / Stepup Koetsu Stepup Transformer & Forsell Pre Pre amp
  Cartridge: Koetsu Black


Accuphase C260 with   Phono stage (SOLD)


Power Amp:

Pass Labs Aleph 5 Class A Stereo Amplifier (SOLD)

  Speakers: ATC 20T (SOLD)
  CD Player: Accuphase DP-55 (For Sale: $ 1,050 CDN)
  To inqure about For Sale Items: email rick@stereopal.com    (All prices are set by the seller, JOE)



Stereopal.com does not make commissions or fees on assisting members with the sale of equipments.    To see other FOR SALE items, click here.




  "This new setup sounds much better than my previous.   The Dunlavys were simply way to big for the room and I couldn't totally eliminate the room resonance problem.  

The ATC 20T is proper sized for my room, however, they are difficult to drive.   When I first got them, I didnt not spend too much time with speaker positioning.  They were positioned very close to the back wall.  The system was lifeless and rolled off.   The bass were uncontrollable and boomy.   

But thanks to A.D Liu, who spent many hours and evenings at my house assisting me with speaker positioning.   He introduced the concept of room acoustics and room compensation to me.    The system sounds upbeat and alive now.

The Accuphase and Pass Labs equipments are very musical by nature.   Of all the solid state amplifiers I have used in the past, the Pass Labs Aleph is one of the most "tube like".   The over all sound of this combination is slower sounding, and more relaxed, music flows with an euphonic touch.    

I will be moving very soon, and I will for sure invite you (Stereopal members) back to my new house."





  Accuphase C260 with MC/MM Phono cards


Accuphase DP 55 CD Player






JC Verdier La Platine Reference with Granite Base



Cool looking Pass Labs Aleph 5 Class A Power Amplifier (Stereo).   This thing is one big giant heat sink.



These Class A amps do get hot !   Even the aluminum changed colors from the heat.



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