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Stereopal's System:  



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    System Components


  CD Player McIntosh MCD500 / MCD 1100
  Preamp: McIntosh C1000 
  Power Amps: McIntosh MC2KW Monoblock Amplifier, McIntosh MC3500 Tube Amplifier
  Speakers: Dynaudio Temptation
  Interconnect (CD-> Pre): Purist Audio Aqueous Anniversary
  Interconnect (Pre-> Pwr): Purist Audio Aqueous Anniversary
  Speaker Cable: Purist Audio Venustas

Power Conditioner:

McIntosh MPC-1500


Power Cables:

Furutech FP-Alpha 3, NBS Black Label


Turntable # 1:

JC Verdier La Plantine Vintage with Granito Base and custom made Granite/Wood platform.   Teres Reference Motor

  Turntable # 2: TW Raven AC


Custom made Ebony armboard


Tonearm No. 1

Reed 2P with Ebony Armwand


Tonearm No. 2

DaVinci Grandezza with Ebony Armwand


Tonearm No. 3:

Artemis Labs TA-1L


Tonearm No. 4:

DaVinci Master Reference Virtu

  Tonearm No. 5: Schroeder Reference 12`with Ebony Armwand
  Tonearm No. 6: Rossner & Sohn S1.2 12" Ebony Custome Made by Christoph Rossner
  Tonearm No. 7: Primary Control from Netherlands
  Cartridge No. 1: My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent BC
  Cartridge No. 2: Kondo IO-M
  Cartridge No. 3: Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement
  Cartridge No. 4: Lyra Olympos
  Cartrodge No.5: Lyra Atlas
  Cartridge No. 6: ZYX Universe II
  Cartridge No. 7: Phasemation PH100
  Other Cartridges: Koetsu Urushi Red, Rosewood Platinum, Onyx, Benz LP, Benz Ebony
  Phono Stages

1) FM Acoustics FM122 Mk II

2) Burmester PH100

3) AMR-PH77

4) Kondo M7 Phono + Kondo Stepup Transformer

5) S&B TX-103 Silver Stepup Transformer

6) Audio Research Reference SE II

7) Passlabs XP25


  Custom Audio Rack Custom made by Steven Huang, the expert carpenter who made the Grand Staircase replica of the sunken Titanic for the Titanic Show.   



       MC3500, 1 of only 98 pairs in the world.




      MC3500, signed by Charlie Randall, CEO Mcintosh Laboratory

      Steve Rowell, President of Audioclassics.com

      Mike Sastra, VP of Audioclassics.com

      The late Frank Gow, son of McIntosh founder Gordon Gow.'

      George, engineer who rebuilt this particular unit.













David Cohen - Ex-Mayor of Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada

























Peter & Jolanda from DaVinci Audio Labs - 2005






Custom Audio Rack build by the man who replicated the Titanic staircase:



Flat Boards: 2 Solid Maple / Birch


Sand Box: 3 thick high density 9 layer
plywood, filled with 600 lbs of Sand. Weights over 600 lbs.


Blocks: Support blocks made of
Macassar Ebony






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