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Stereopal Featured System:


Mazher B. JAFFAR     (Mumbai, India)

of  http://www.schwinnaudio.com/


3rd Visit: Aug 18, 2008






Mazher is a good friend from Mumbai, India.  

The most interesting aspect about Mazher's system is the brand name he chooses.  None of them are really well known in North America.    I can't say I have ever listened to the TIDAL speakers from Germany so i am quite curious as to how they'll sound.

Mazher's room is also very interesting, notice both the side wall and the floor are lined with hard wood.  

If you think there are no Audiophiles in Mumbai, Mazher has proved us wrong !






Simaudio Moon Eclipse CD Player [Serial Number A-211294-CD]
Simaudio P-5 Pre Amplifier [Serial Number A-081291-PRE]
Electrocompaniet EMC-1 24/192 CD Player [Serial Number 01334]
Audiomeca Mephisto II CD Transport [Serial Number 2001045]
Audiomeca Enkiantus 24/192 DAC [Serial Number 2001073]
Metronome T1A MK II Transport  + UP Sampler
Metronome C1A MK III Tube 24/192 DAC
Metronome Technologie - T-1i CD Player [Serial Number 02041]
Wadia 861-B CD Player [Serial # 086 130 0343]
Mimetism 20.1 CD Player [Serial # L6-129]
Bryston BP-25 Pre Amplifier [Serial Number 251744]
Bryston 7B ST Power Amplifier [Serial Number 773775 & 773793]
Pass Labs X-1 Pre Amplifier [Serial Number 010388]
Dynaudio Confidence 5 Speakers [Serial Number 729879 & 729990]
Xavian - XN360 Speakers [Serial # 31 & 32] - Czech Republic
Tannoy - Studio Monitor - Ellipse 8 - 230V - Grey - [Serial Number 418321 & 418327]
Penaudio - Charisma Monitor  [Serial Number 0352 & 0328] 
Penaudio - Chara Subwoffer [Serial Number - 0341 & 0345]
'Resurrection' - Custom made - ATD woffer & Alain Bernard Ribbon - Italy
T.A.D. - Tidal Audio Diacera [Diamond + Ceramic] - Custom made - 30mm [T & P] 
Diamond Tweeter + 7" Black Ceramic Woffer [T & P] - Germany
VdH The Second Balanced Interconnects 1M
VdH The First Ultimate Unbalanced Interconnects 1M
VdH The Revelation Hybrid Speaker Cable 3M
VdH The Mainstream Hybrid Power Cable 2M
XLO Electric Type 4.1B AES/EBU Digital Interconnect Cable 1M
Solitone - Hungary 1.5M Un-Balanced Interconnect [Spare - Stand By]
Solitone - Hungary 4.0M Speaker Cable - Single Wire - Banana Termination [Spare Stand By]
The Gryphon Adagio CD Player [Serial # 0401111]
The Gryphon Sonata Allagro Pre Amplifier [Serial # 8890099]
The Gryphon Antilion Stereo Signature Power Amplifier [Serial # 118]
Camelot Technology Merlin Pro CD Transport [Serial # 301209]
Camelot Technology Dragon 5.1 Plus JITTER REDUCER [Serial # 103584]
Camelot Technology Uther D/A Convertor v2 Mk5 [Serial # 501202] 
The Gryphon Guideline Reference Balanced Interconnect 1M
The Gryphon PSC Reference Speaker Cable 2M
The Argento VDM Master Reference XLR Balanced Interconnect 1M & 1.5M
The Argento VDM Reference Speaker Cable 3M
Wireworld Super Eclipse 5 XLR Balanced & RCA Unbalanced Interconnect - 1M
Jorma Design JPC 2.5 Power Cable - Sweden - 2M [Power Amplifiers]
DC-Cable Taiwan Power Cables - Custom Termination [Front End Electronics - Digital]
Transparent Cable - Power Link MM - Power Cords - 03 pcs [CD Player & Pre Amplifier]
Serial Number - 45388MM & 46367MM & 46368MM.















Now I wonder what's hidden behind the TIDALs ?





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