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Love the site.  Unfortunately I live in New Brunswick, a bit far away from Toronto.......If for any reason you or any of your members are planning to make a trip down to Moncton, please pay me a visit.. i would love to have someone who is into audio so much have a listen and offer some suggestions etc.. and just talk about this  stuff.. don't get a chance to talk this stuff very often :( 


  Mike, Moncton, Canada - Dec 10, 06
  Rick thank you for (the) valuable advice.  I bought the Passlabs X250.5 and (couldn't be) happier.   It is very musical and smooth like you said.   I like your website a lot and I check it very often.   Bjorn Granberg, Sweden - Nov 20, 06
  Amazing (McIntosh) factory tour !  

Rick you should be a magazine writer.   You have more experience than anybody including the professionals.  Cheers.


  Ron Livingston, L.A - Nov 6, 06
I know your website well and have visited many times and got many new CD's thanks to your CD recommendation.
  Louis To, Toronto - Sep 25, 06
  Rick, your CD picks r superb. The Sondre Bratland title is the best ! Keep up the good work."   A. Tishilis, Athens - Aug 10, 06
  Finally a true audiophile, great system showcase.   Samual Halperns, Texas - Aug 9, 06
  I just want (to say) Thank you (for) recommending the Rossini title to me.  It was a little expensive ordering from Japan but it (was) well worth the trouble.   Your website  is awesome.  Hello from Germany.   Wolfgang Brück, Germany  - Aug 6, 06
  Rick, you're a pure blood audiophile is your website is truly amazing.     Ping Kwan Lee, Singapore - Jul 1, 06
  I spent the last few days listening to the 5 KKV CD titles you recommended,  over and over again.   They're all very nice, and really great sounding.  I just wanna say thank you for your recommendations.


  Martin, Toronto - May 13, 06
  Nice site and system. Thank you for sharing.
  Ben, Toronto - May 8, 06

Greetings from the Philippines..................Hope you could visit us here in the Philippines we are about 2 hours away from Manila.  I have 4 friends who share my passion for music and you will be happy with the variety of equipment we have here.......thanks for your time.



  Luigi Raymund Lira, Philippines - May 5, 06

Hi!  Greetings From Rochester, NY!

 I just discovered your web site and really enjoy it.  I love looking at pictures of audiophile systems owned by real people in real homes.  Seeing great music collections is fun too............

.......Thanks for putting together and sharing a great web site.



  Michael, Rochester - May 5, 06
Great website! Ran across the link on Audiokarma.  Great McIntosh & Audio Classics stuff too.  Thanks.


  Dick, L.A - May 2, 06
  I enjoyed your website and looking at all of the systems. I also agree with some of your CD selections and will buy some new CD's based on your recommendations.   Pat, Toronto - April 29, 06
  Very nice website you have. Lots of eye candy there.
  Jon, Toronto - April 24, 06
  I really enjoy your website it is so nice. I'm very into this audio hobby but I don't have too many friends in this hobby......I hope I can meet more audiophile friends through this hobby and your website.   Martin, Toronto - Mar 31,06
  Your website is fantastic and I've very much enjoyed going through the systems.
  Drew, Toronto - Mar 4, 06
  I needed to move to a Condo and had to sell my equipments.  Rick helped me sold almost everything through his audiophile connections, but he didn't charge a dime, nor does he accept any commission offers.  

An enthusiastic audiophile indeed !


  Joe, Toronto - Mar 3, 06
  I enjoy your website and usually visit it often. I posted a thread on CAM for audiophiles here in Vancouver.




Nelson, B.C - Feb 26, 06


I have always enjoyed your Stereopal Page, and I would love to participate. 




Ed, B.C - Feb 16, 06

  And many compliments for your website, I made a complete tour, it's wonderful and it's very nice to find a Mac enthusiast like you. I appreciated particularly the factory visits: I live in Italy and for me Binghamton is quite far

Thank you again for your kind attention Rick.




Guglielmo, Italy -  Feb 15, 06





Since you suggested Classe Audio amplifiers to me, today I bought a Classe CA 400. I hooked up the Classe, and I was surprised.  It was much much better than I thought it would be, I felt like I had new speakers, soft and clean mids, at the same time the bass was tighter than my old Bryston 4B.   It's amazing.


Thank you so much for your suggestion.   It was a perfect suggestion.




Jay Lee, Toronto

- Feb 11, 06


"I was very intrigued by your pictorial tour of the Mac factory and a visit to AudioClassic. It was enjoyable and very well done, if I may say so! "





Jay from AK Forums

 - Jan 24, 06


"I just experienced your Stereopal website. a very interesting compendium."

  Vilip - Nov 29, 05




"I stumbled across your site today, and I ended up poring over the pictures and write ups of the various systems while I was at work.  Very nice site, you must have put a lot of work into it. Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading about the new updates to the home visits and recommended CDs."




  Michael - Nov 9, 05
  "I read those summary and comments on your website. Wow, you're so quick and professional! We had such a good time on SAT and we definitely need to share our HIFI interest more in the future! "



  Jacky - Sep 12, 05

"You have done a great job putting together a site that interests (people) like me ,(and you obviously).  Keep up the good work."




  Tom - Sept 9, 05
  "Beautiful work Richard. John would be most proud."



  Dr. B - Sept 1, 05

"Outstanding, Richard - thanks for your work in putting this up. It's a real thrill to see this one-of-a-kind company from the inside!"....... Macs



  AK Member - Aug 14, 05
  "Wonderful job (Rick), thanks for sharing !!!"......... Carl IV
  Carl IV (McIntosh Forum Moderator) - Aug 14, 05




"Fantastic  (Rick) !!!
The way you have it all layed out (about the McIntosh Factory Visit), it feels like we were right there with ya.   Man, I'm getting a big McCraving... ".......... Parky50






AK Member - Aug 14, 05

  "Thanks for the tour. Always wanted to see the inside of the Mc factory.
Now I know one day I'll trade in my Dyna's for a McIntosh system. "...... Dynacoman

AK Member - Aug 14, 05

  "Nice job! (On the McIntosh Tour), I felt like I was there with you except, without the travel bills."...... KingRT




Ak Member - Aug 14, 05

  "makes my recent trip to disneyland pale in comparison ! however my daughter would disagree......."...........Exracer




AK Member - Aug 14, 05


  "The tour is enough to make a grown man drool.   Many thanks for sharing!!".... BHinDC




AK Member - Aug 15, 05

  ".... Many thanks to (Rick) for putting together such a good presentation (on the McIntosh Tour) of pictures and text. Its not like being there, but it does give one a good feel for what the factory is like. I am especially stuck by the combination of old (transformer winding machines) and new techologies to produce state of the art products at what, in todays high end market, are quite reasonable prices."..........Elling


  AK Member - Aug 15, 05
  Great website Rick !  I like the humorous tone and non-commercial nature of your website.   Keep up the good work.   Simon - July 31, 05




And below are the nasty feedbacks.....



I wish for you to comment on the Naum Starkman Chopin title you so highly recommended.  In my opinion, his interpretation is one of the worse you can find on this planet.   He basically took one of the most beautiful Chopin pieces and turned it into punk rock with the piano.    I must politely ask you to consider removing the recommendation.........   V. Silvermann - Dec 23, 06

An astute audiophile or should I say, music lover such as yourself who

unselfishly offers CD recommendations freely to other deserves to be

commented upon.   However, I hear nothing of what you described on the Salmeskatt title.  It is nothing out of the ordinary, and in fact, it should  not even make it onto any so called "best sounding list".    Perhaps you may want to be more careful with your recommendations.  



  M. Parness - Nov 2, 06





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