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  Stereopal Featured System:   Jason from Ontario  Date:  Feb 27, 2006








It amazes me the number of Mcintosh fans there are on the internet.    I think Jason qualifies as one of them.

Jason and I have similar equipments so the sound will certainly be a familiar one.   The difference is Jason is handy when it comes to equipment racks, they are build by himself.











  System Components:  
  Preamp: McIntosh C1000C / C1000T
  Source: McIntosh MCD 201
  Amplifier: MC 501 x 2
  Speaker: Focal JMlabs Profile 908





  Jason's Comments:

 I  could say that I like all types of music but country will not be on that list.  I listen to a lot of female vocals, Stevie Nicks, Diana Krall, Sheryl Crow, ect.  My current tastes are much more like Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper.....  
Well, the changes..... I actually purchased my preamp and amps back in Oct 07, my CD Player in March 08 and the speakers in June 08.  I sold my last system and started piecing this one together.  the gear has been sitting in my basement and Ii finally hooked it at the end of June.  It's got less that 20 hours on it as we speak..... I've already made some changes since my last listing of gear, actually on Monday of this week,  I returned the mcd201 to the dealer and upgraded to the mcd301 so Ii am waiting for it to arrive... I liked the mcd201 but the transport on the 301 in machined aluminum, similar to the mcd1000 as you know.  I'm adding power conditioning also as we speak, when the 301 comes in I'm going to borrow a couple of different units from the dealer and audition them, so that's not totally set in stone yet.  I'm leaning towards the RGPC but still open to suggestions and others.  I'm not in the market for the MCD/MDA1000 combo right at this moment but I do plan on adding the mda1000 in the next couple of months.  I thought I'd get more sound right now by using the 301 as the transport combined with the MDA and when I do add the MCD I can sell the 301.  I plan on adding the mcd1000 and the c1000 solid state stage in the new year, probably Jan, early Feb.  I probably won't use the solid state that much but how can one not finish this beautiful ensemble.  when I'm done the 1000 line I'd like to get another pair of 501's so I'm capable of biamping before I look at bigger speakers.... don't ask me why but I just love having 4 amps... my cables; right now I'm using Nordost Valhalla interconnects and Cards golden reference speaker cables and power cords.....
The box with the wires coming out of the wall are my "circuits" for my audio gear in that room.  I ran (4) lengths of 10/2 wire to the box on the wall, each on it's own 20 amp breaker.  the wire continues thru the box to outlets that are placed on the floor next to the component.  the run of 10/2 from the box on the wall is continuous from the panel  right to the outlet with no junction, split ect. in the box.   the box is just to cover the 4" hole in the drywall where the wire comes out.  from the box on the wall the wire is ran thru heavy duty flexible industrial conduit to the hospital grade outlets housed in the 5lb industrial outlet boxs at the end of each run.  I am very mechanically inclined and I'm pretty particular about how I do things, I'm a perfectionist with a degree in OCD cleanliness; no joke with the OCD.  the box on the wall and all the outlets were sandblasted and powdercoated and assembled in such a manner that, I'm hoping in someone else's opinion it compliments the system without being so intrusive.  it's main benefit is that I can buy 3ft power cords instead of having longer runs costing more dollars and have the flexibility of moving my outlets, which was so handy when I got this system!  I assure you that installation was as clean and precise as compared to opening a new McBox!
 I'll just give you a brief idea on how I got started building the audio stands.  my dealer, after spending 30k on my first system, wanted to sell me this "other" stand for 3k.  looked to me like it was built by the same place that makes those cheap bbq's from Walmart with the thin black metal... just a different configuration with some shelves.  at that time I worked in a family business, full machine shop, weld shop ect. and had done so since the age of 10.  I am a machinist and engineer and now a gas technician.  I decided to build my own frame to precision tolerances using the features I'd seen in all the "other" stands but 10 fold, had it powdercoated, had my furniture craftsman with same traits of perfection make me some platforms for my frame and the rest is history. 











Equipment Racks build by Jason






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