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  GTA Audiophile Club: June Hosting in Midtown Toronto  Date:  June 15, 1013







"I want to thank you for letting me have a great time at the GTA Audiophile Club's June hosting. It was a delight meeting your daughter, and your mom. The food was great, and so was the music, although, I think I did not spend enough time in your music room. I was so impressed that your mom is teaching her great-grand-kids to paint. Can a person really ask more out of life, than to teach one's own great grand kids art skills? It was truly a wonderful evening." ...... A.M


"The June hosting our hosting (or more accurately, your spouse's hosting) was a delight from beginning to end . Three generations of your family in attendance and a finer Family could not be found, no matter how hard you looked. And this without saying anything about the fourth generation waiting in the wings to make their mark. You were quite right to keep them out of the festivities on Saturday Len, it might have been too much delight in one place for us to handle.   A great spread, convivial company, doting hosts and good friends. Evenings don't get better than this and as we have so often said , we should all be grateful for the warmth and friendship that is such an important part of the GTAA ."........ S.T



"The current setup is at its peak, bass has improved, this is coming from a bass lover, the room is more spacious than before, its gonna tough to spend more of your money for you."   B.E














The only GOTO Stereo Amplifier in Canada










Kondo IO- M Cartridge mounted on Reed 2A arm














(Right: Bernard Li of Charisma Audio)
























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