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    Stereopal.com: Sep 29 - Rick visits Menosh in Waterloo  Date:  Sep 23, 1013







Rick's comments:

" I have known Menosh for about 10 years now, and we have talked on line over many occassions.   However, we never met each other face to face.    

After months of co-ordination, I finally managed to arrange a vist to Menosh's place.  My my, it was well worth the trip.   Menosh turned out to be a very nice gentleman.     We took the 1 hour drive to Waterloo tonight, and met Menosh in the restaurant/pub which he is the owner to.   He greeted us with a friendly smile and a gentle spirit.      He treated us to a nice meal, then invited us back to his home for some fine tune, over a VERY FINE system.

At the beginning, I thought the system sounded Very WILSON like, plenty of kick and bites.    I have never heard such dynamic and fast sounding Koetsu cartridge setup before in my life time, combined with a Brinkman Brado direct direct drive, everything seems to be un-Koetsu like !    The sound stage was huge, with precise imaging.    The sound was consistent with that I have heard from a Brado / Wilson setup, more upfront, forward and dynamic.

 I told myself, we are in for a treat and things are just getitng warmed up.

When the tape machine was turned on, talk about a change in tonality within seconds.     The tape machine is totally "Analog" sounding.  When it is Analog, duh !     With huge dynamic swings, a smooth top end combined with texture and oomph.     I want a tape machine, like right now !   

Here's the best part, I found out my future room (under construction) is the exact same size as Menosh's!   I'm in for a treat myself. 

All in all a great evening.      I love meeting friendly and welcoming audio enthusiast.     Worth the drive to Waterloo.




Wilson Maxx 3s, driven by Jadis JA200, and a 6 Chassis Jadis Preamp.   Brinkman Brado turntable, and a Brinkman arm.   Koetsu cartridge.  Aesthetix RHEA Phono stage.    Studer Tape Deck



















































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