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    Stereopal Featured System:   Tomi Bruno from Corsica (French Isle in the Mediterranean)  Date:  Feb 27, 2006






I am always thrilled to meet Audiophiles with exotic systems, from exotic countries.  Especially one from a country where my last cruise ship vacation made a stopover.

Corsica is an enigmatic country with plenty of beautiful beaches, monuments, citadels, and watchtowers........ and I suppose.... Audiophiles !

Tomi and I has a slight language barrier between us, we still managed to communicate through simple broken English. 

He has expressed some difficulties with his AR D150 amplifier, and it is not the first time for me to hear user reporting troubles with this amp.   Nevertheless, let see what exciting stuff Tomi has to show us.




First of all, a couple of pictures of the beautiful island:









And now, back to Tomi's system:



  System Components:  
  Amplifiers: Audio Research D150
    Audio Research D250
    Audio Parallel 300B Silver Night 15W Monoblocks
    Kora Design 30
    Mark Levinson ML2
    Mark Levinson ML9
  Preamp: Audio Research SP6 C1
    Audio Research SP10
    Mark Levinson ML6A
    Cochet PS1
  Source: CEC Evolution
    Orpheus Zero (Drive 24/192)
    Orpheus One
    Thorens TD 160MK II with AT33e
  Transducer: Stacked Quad ESL57
    Stacked Quad ESL 63
    Celeston System 600




  Tomi's Comments:



Hello from Corsica, please excuse my english.   Here in Corsica, we enjoy a variety of music.


I purchased an old Audio Research D150 back in 1996.   When I first bought it, it didn't play correctly.  We changed all the tubes in the amplifier and it went OK.   During the past 10 years of operation, the D150 crashed twice, each time it gave off a violent "Poping" noise.   I thought that would be the end of story.   To my surprise, it continue to operate without problems, perhaps it was just a "cough" after many years of operation ?


Perhaps it may be time to change the capacitors in them.


I still worry that the D150 will one day break down and it will be difficult for me to fix it in Corsica.   I may look for a D79A, B or C, or perhaps the newer VT200 ?


I'd still prefer if the D150 wouldn't break down on me.



An inside peek at the Audio Research Amplifiers with 3 fans !














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