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Stereopal Home Visit:         Martin from Toronto                                                                              Date:  April 22, 2006



            "I do not look for sounds with exciting climaxes which are ear catching.   I look for sounds which are

             neutral and fatigue free."                                                                  

                                                                                                                                            ................  Martin



A few weeks ago, Martin sent me an email after reading about Stereopal.    He expressed to me that he would like to meet more audiophiles.  

Meeting new audiophiles have always been rewarding for me, especially when I am meeting another true blooded audio nutcase. 

Martin has a very nice setup.   In his own words, "while my system may sound a little colored and overly warm to some people, I do not mind the coloration as long as it is satisfying for my ears.".

Hmm....... I like his attitude.    Martin's set up is one which I wouldn't mind sitting down to relax for a few hours.   His whole setting is very relaxing and welcoming.



System Components:


Source: Shangling SCD-T200C SACD Player
Source Power Cord: Shunyata
Source Interconnect: Cardas Neutral Reference
Preamp: Convergent Audio Technology SL1  Preamp
Preamp Power Cord: Zu Cable Virtual
Preamp Interconnect: PS Audio Plus
Power Amp: Cary V12
Powerline Filter: Isoclean
Speaker Cable: DIY recipe with Zobel network
Speaker: Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home (GPH)





Martin's Comments:



"I have been an audiophile for approximately 2 years.   My first system consist of a Synthesis Amplifier, and a Cary Preamp.  The Cary is a little soft and tubbish, so I eventually replaced it with the CAT SL1.   The SL1 is a lot more open and a little faster sounding."

"The Sonus Faber is time aligned, but I find that the trebles are delayed by a little too much.  I have adjusted the spikes so that the back of the speaker is actually tilted up a little, which gave a little bit more immediacy at the top.    The DIY speaker cable is designed by a friend of mine.   We have A/B'd it with a Transparent Music Wave, and we agree that it a more superior sounding cable." 

"Before I purchased the Shangling player, I had considered the Esoteric X03.   It had more clarity and delivered more details, but it was not as musical as the Shangling, so I end up buying the SCD-T200C."

"I am not much of a bass hound.  I like Jazz, vocals, violins and other light music..  I prefer music  which are mellow and slow, rather than ear catching dynamics.  Musicality is very important to me."


"My favourite CD is titled "Ayako Hosokawa to Mr. Wonderful

Label: First Impression Music (FIM SACD061)

I wound not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who prefers light music."







  Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home, with a superb finishing.



I'd prefer this Shangling model over their new design which looks like an UFO.



The legendary Convergent Audio Technology SL 1 Preamp, hailed by many as one of the best preamps ever made.



Cary V12.   The name gives me the impression of an American muscle car.   But it is actually very musical and tubby.




                      Isoclean Powerline Filter



DIY Cables, incorporating a zobel network.




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