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  Stereophile Featured System: Rick`s 2nd system  Date:  Oct 18, 2011







System Components:  
Turntable: German Analog Forum Turntable - `Das Forumslaufwerk` No. 25
Tonearm: Rossner & Sohn Si 1.2  12`` arm
Cartridge: Lyra Kleos
Step Up Transformer: Stevens & Billington TX-130, by Bent Silver
Pre-amplifier: McIntosh C22 60th Anniversary Editiion
Power amplifier: McIntosh MC240 or MC225 x 2 or MC30
Power Conditioner: Equitech 2Q
Speakers: JBL 4343 with Alnico Drivers
Speaker Cables: OCOS Speaker Cable
Interconnects: Purist Audio Design Aqueous Aureus
Power Cable: Furutech Alpha 3





Most of the amplifiers you see here were acquired from Audio Classics, and have been restored to meet factory specifications.    The MC240 you see here is one of the most beautiful mint condition unit I have ever seen, it took me several years to find this unit.  Because of their relative old age, units without blemish are becoming very hard to find.  




The Turntable you see here is one of approximately 30 made in the world.  Designed by the German Analog Forum and made by Christoph Rossner of Rossner & Sohn, especially for the members of the German Analog Forum.   The plinth is made of panzerholtz  compressed wood which extremely high in density, so dense that it is bullet proof.  


The motor unit is completely separate from the plinth, an important feature which is indispensible for a properly designed turntable.    The separation eliminates nearly all motor rumbling from being transferred to the spinning platter.    The precision DC motor you see here is speed controlled by an external controller.   As for the bearing, it is a high quality German made bearing larger in diameter than most high end turntables costing many times over.  


The development details of this turntable can be found in this German Magazine.


Unfortunately, this turntable is a limited production item.    The performance of the `Das Forumslaufwerk` is up there with the Verdier La Platine and the TW Raven AC which I have home.    Hopefully, Christoph Rossner will eventually turn this into a production model, because IMHO it outperforms many turntables on the market costing many times over.







German Analog Forum turntable, `Das Forumslaufwerk Nr. 25`by Rossner & Sohn




Lyra Kleos, my favorite cartridge in its price category.       




As soon as I saw this tonearm for the first time, my heart was set on it.   I told my self I must buy one so I picked up the phone and called Mr. Rossner in Germany.    This is probably the only one in Canada.    The Rossner & Sohn Si 1.2 precision tonearm is virtually unknown in North America, yet the level of precision is almost as good as the other European arms I have.

The tonearm cable is a single continuous piece of wire from headshell to RCA output.  The bearing is precision machined, and has no play whatsoever.   Every parameter is adjustable, from Azimuth to Antiskating, the arm is a piece of art as well as a highly engineered piece of analog equipment.





Those of us with turntables placed on the 2nd floor will likely have a common problem, the bouncy floor will create lots of problems for the needle during play.    After numerous failing attempts to solve the needle skipping problem, I had almost given up and nearly reverted back to digital as the primary source component.  Luckily, my friend Dr. Gordon Lai from San Francisco came to the rescue just in time.   I thank him for introducing me to the Minus-K medical isolation platform.     

The Minus-K does not rely on electric power or air pumps, its proprietary technology has the ability to prevent floor vibrations from transferring onto whatever is placed on top.   It is so effective that it prevented nearly all the foot stomping vibrations from transferring onto the turntable.     Now, I can resume `normal` activities in my library while the turntable is playing.  Tip toeing is no longer necessary.    Highly recommended !






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