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Stereopal Featured System:   Ed from British Columbia                         Date:  Feb 16, 2006




  "Forget about the myth of high fidelity, and benchmark check of sound reality.  Whether it is a big system or a small system; as long as it makes you happy, it is a good system."         ....... Ed







   Ed's main system.


Ed's 2nd system.

Audio systems (like women) comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. There are some which are small and tiny, like your flea sized amps and paper cone speakers.  There are ugly (but hard working) ones, which  give you the best return for the buck, those are the DIYers.   Then some are superficial, beautiful to look at but without substance.   Then there are the extravagant  setups, where everything is exquisite from the ground up.


I believe Ed's system is an example of latter.   His system is a fine example of exquisite Hi-Fidelity.    I have listened to hundreds of systems and been invited into the homes of many.  But lets not pretend to be unimpressed by Ed's setup.   It is indeed an all out assault.   This is one set up which I want to demo.   I bet you the looks in itself will drop the jaw of anyone who enters his room for the very first time.   


Ed has recommended several CD selections to us.  They will be posted on the CD section very shortly.    




Is this the beauty or the beast ?    Out of this world if you ask me, MBL CD transport.   This ain't no toaster oven.




System Components:


Turntable: Goldmund Studietto + T5 Arm
Cartidge: Benz Micro H2.0, Madrigal, Koetsu Black
Digital Source: MBL 1511HR+1521; Pioneer DV-38A; YBA CD-1 Alpha on 2nd system
Processor: Theta Casa Nova
Preamp: Classe DR-6
Amplifier: MBL 8006A (Mono), Genesis Servo Control bass AMP, Classe Ten, Rotel 976, Jadis Ochestra (2nd system)

Genesis 2 (front); ATC SCM20 (Center); Energy C2 (rear); Pro-Ac Response 2.5 (2nd system)




Spkr Cable:  Transparent Reference; Tara Labs The 2
Interconnect: Tara Labs ISM 0.8, MIT Oracle 2.1, Wireworld Gold Eclipse 5+, Wireworld Gold Eclipse 3+, NBS Professional, MIT 350 CVT Reference; Goldmund Silver IC, Transparent Reference XL, Audioquest Diamond H, PAD Venustas
Digital: Tara Labs ISM Digital, Siltech G5 Golden Ridge, MIT AVT-1
Power: NBS Statement, Cardas Golden, Delta AC-1000, Synergy Research AC Master, Virtual Dynamic Reference, Concierto Concert Grand, Virtual Dynamic Power 3, Wireworld Silver Electra, YBA diamond


Treatments: PS Audio P300 Multiwave II+, Tice Power Block mk2, Richard Gray 400S, All wall receptacles have been replaced by HUBBELL treated by Virtual Dynamics

Walker Ultra High Definition Link, Isoclean Audio Grade fuses, Walk E-SST contact enhencer, Walker Valid Resonance Control, Vibrapod Isolator, Vibrapod cone, Cable Isolator, Nitty Gritty MiniPro 1, Buttkicker






Ed's Comments:


"The quest of good sound is the path every audiophile follows.  I, among many others, have spent years looking for “that” perfect sound.  It all began with Rogers LS3/5A, my first pair of speaker.  For some time, I thought that is the way music should be.  Until one day, I heard another pair of LS3/5A at a friend’s, I was stunned by his better musicality.  That is when I think I’ve opened Pandora’s box.  Having gone through numerous equipments, cables, tweaks and setups, I have finally settled with one simple system; well, okay, maybe two. 

Genesis 2 is an amazing pair of speaker.  Because of its full low-frequency expression and perhaps other aspects of its design, the Genesis 2 was able to express the full size of a concert hall as no other speaker has in my room.  It delivered deep, tight, and pitch-precise bass with unlimited dynamic expression.  The natural extension of frequency ranges also made listeners believed its truthful re-production of music.  What was left in the disappearance of 4 big speakers was a sonic picture of vast height, width, and depth."


" I chose MBL to compliment Genesis, because of its ability to present a tube-like noble tone.   It is powerful, well defined and tightly controlled, well extended, smooth, and relaxing to listen to. 


Classe DR6 is probably the most budgeted pre-amp I have owned.  Its neutrality allows other components to fully demonstrate their capability. With its outstanding phono stage and its functionality, IMO, Classe DR6 is probably the best bargain among pre amplifiers. 


       In the end, Transparent Audio's Reference speaker cable provided the best blend of control, and delicacy in a close comparison with Tara Labs the 2 and MIT Oracle 3.

 After I’ve selected my own sonic direction, a combination of system synergy; the toughest part is to set them up.  To begin with, 3 separate 20 AMP power lines were designated in the listening room.  They are categorized to power “Digital’s”, “Amplifier’s”, and “Theater’s”.  All the wall receptacles are made by HUBBELL, cryo-treated by Virtual Dynamics.  In addition, PS Audio P300 and Tice PowerBlock 2, two outstanding power generators are used to supply the purest power into components.  All fuses have been replaced with Isoclean Audio Grade Fuses, while each power cord is carefully selected according to its own character, to match or compliment overall synergy.  Walker Audio E-SST is applied to all contact areas such as plugs, cables, and fuses for a cleaner and more dynamic improvement.  Vibration control is also enhanced by Walker Audio, Vibrapod, and DIY granite platform. 



Last, but not the least, it takes months to fine tune the speaker placement and equalization.  After all that work, this system shows excellent transparency, and overall coherence.  All of my reference recordings sounded more vital and enjoyable as I've ever heard them. 

On my second system, the criteria are easy.  I wanted a relaxing and layback system.  The combination of Jadis and YBA is exceptional; they sound exquisite, just like a fine French wine.  With ProAc speakers, I am surrounded in a rich, warm, sweet musical heaven. 

Choosing a system is like choosing a bottle of fine wine, or finding a woman; it all matters with our own taste.  The best way to find out is to try it yourself.  Be an open mind, and think positive.

On the other hand, I find the best joy of this hobby is to appreciate different kinds of music re-production, and the beauty of its own.  I am happy to own thousands of albums and 500+ DVD’s.  Forget about the myth of high fidelity, and benchmark check of sound reality.  Whether it is a big system or a small system; as long as it makes you happy, it is a good system.  Happy listening."











                                        A power conditioner for every piece of equipment.





                              Ed pays attention to details, fine tuning of the speakers.   He's heavily bitten by the bug.






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