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  GTA Audiophile Club:  October Meeting  Date:  Oct 19, 2011






System Components:  
Turntable: Oracle VI
Cartridge: Koetsu Rosewood
Phono Stage: Sutherland Hubbell, Pass Labs Xono, Audio Research Reference 2 SE
Tonearm: SME 309
Preamp: Audio Research 40th Anniversary
CD Player Esoteric K-05 SACD/CD Player
Amplifier: Transcendent Sound The Beast, Bryston 28BSST
Speakers: Martin Logan CLX
Tunder: McIntosh MR-78 Tuner

Comments from L.T:

The room is a really nice size room. The panels sounded much better when they were pulled out into the room by another 4 feet. You are indeed challenged by the presence of the pool table. I think everyone agreed that the sweet spot is in the middle of the pool table. I guess you will have to bring home the jacks again to move that sucker. I agreed with Rick that your system has great potential with the new room. Be patient, it will take time to get everything in the right place and tame that 80 hz. peak in your room.


Comments from R.C:

Your system is sounding good...really good. What a dramatic effect moving the speakers away from the back wall then adding the sound treatments. I would encourage you to toe in the speakers and reposition the sound panels to try to move sweet spot into the listening position. My speakers have a similar cylindrical dispersion pattern to your electrostatics. I found a slight toe in to raise the image and add more dimension to the soundstage, although my speakers are not dipoles. Brett, perhaps you can comment on toe in characteristics of electrostatics. I noticed Brett does not toe in his speakers.

Great food yesterday! I am always willing to drive a long way for great food with good friends.

Comments from Rick:

The Bryston 28BSST is such an animal, what a difference between in sound quality the 7BSST vs the 28BSST. Great amplifier.   This brings us back to the question on whether Martin Logans need power. From last night it was obvious CLX sounded so much better with the 28Bs vs the Transcendent. Now if power does not matter for the CLX, why would there be so much difference across the entire frequency spectrum ? The presentation had a lot more body, slam, and fullness to the sound. These were not as prominent when they were driven by the Transcendent amp which I had always thought as a little reserved and feeble for the CLX.

I still think the Koetsu is the weak link in the chain, and obviously much better matched with the Pass Labs Xono vs the Sutherland Hubbell.   The Hubbell is polite and reserved, but this would be adding onto the weakness of the Koetsu which is rolled off and voluptuous.  When switched to the Xono, it was a world of difference with much more dynamics, clarity and oomph.   The Hubbell is a great phono stage, just a poor match with the Koetsu.

I cannot believe in the condition of the MR-78.  Beautifully restored by Audio Classics, another job well done by them as usual.





















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