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Stereopal Featured System:            Nelson from B.C, Canada                                                                       Date:  Feb 24, 2006






I am always glad to meet Audiophiles who are enthusiastic about this hobby.    

Nelson has been putting efforts into forming an audiophile club in the Vancouver area.   If anybody is interested in meeting up with other audiophiles, please contact Nelson by sending an email to:


Your emails will be forwarded to him directly.

Nelson enjoys Jazz (40%), Contemporary Pop (20%), Rock & Blues (20%), Classical Music (10%), others (10%).





System Components:


Analog Source: Linn Sondek 12
Arm: Mission
Cartridge: Ortofon
Phono Preamp: Linn Lingo
Digital Source: Balance Audio Technology VKD5
Preamp: Balance Audio Technology VK5i
Power Amp: Balance Audio Technology VK60
Cables: Kimber Kable Select # 3033
Interconnect: Alpha-Core Goertz (XLR)
AC Cord: Soundstring & Tara Labs Quantum
Tweaks: Final Daruma, Pucks
Room Dimension: 15 x 16 x 8
Electrical: Dedicated 20 amp outlet





Nelson's Comments:



General Comments:


"My current system is amazing when it comes to vocals, acoustic jazz, brass instruments. I could listen for hours without listening fatigue. However, my 60-watt tube amp does not have enough juice to bring these speakers to optimum even though the sensitivity is 90.5 db and does not go below 4 ohms.

It does not reach deep bass because of my limited space since it is rated down to 16 Hz (A total of four 10" midrange/woofer). Maybe, when I am blessed enough to have a larger listening room then I know how magnificent these speakers will sound. But in the meantime, I am just happy to flop down into the sweet spot at the end of the day and let the music carries me where
my previous components before were incapable of taking me.


Future Changes:

If there is one thing I would upgrade would be my amplifier. I would like to have a Solid State that has at least 300 watts behind them as per recommendation by Professional Reviewers who owned the Talon Khorus as their reference tool.


Evaluation CDs:


* Stanley Clarke: I'm home Africa
* Hugh Masakela: Stimella
* Stacey Kent: Any of her albums
* Sting: She walks Upon The Earth (The music of Ivan Lins) 


(These Titles will be evaluated individually and perhaps, they may make it onto the CD Recommendation section !)






Very nice BAT VK 60 amplifier.







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