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Stereopal Home Visit:     Rebecca   of Audiotechnique Magazine                                                          Date:  March 20, 2006





Rebecca is the general manager of the Audiotechnique Magazine.

During  my recent trip to Asia, I had planned to visit the Audiotechnique magazine, and to see their reference sound room.  The warm hospitality of Rebecca and Lincoln began the minute I stepped into their office, but I wasn't  expected that I'd be invited to her house.

"Come to our house Richard, I'll show you the setup I have at home.", said Rebecca.   I quickly obliged.

Rebecca's set up is extremely musical.  The music flows like water.    One can easily be submersed into a state of nirvana when her living room is turned into a live setting at the push of the PLAY button.




System Components:


Source: Accuphase DP-77 SACD/CD player
Platform: Symposium Ultra
Preamplifier: Mark Levinson No. 326s
Amplifier: Pass Labs X600.5 Monoblocs
Speakers: Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation
Cables: Siltech Interconencts, Isoclean Speaker Cable
Room Treatment: Complete wall to wall 1/2 inch fiber board treatment





Stereopal's Comments:


If I was ever to buy a solid state power amp, it would probably be the Pass Labs X600.5.    They are very different sounding than the usual popular amps by Krells, Levinsons or Classe Audio.   Pass Labs amplifiers seem to have a natural smoothness to them similar to tube amplifiers.   On female vocal performances,  I find them even more natural and refined than certain tube amplifiers on the market.   They are never aggressive sounding, but will not run out of gas when power is needed.  

The Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation is equally satisfying.   Despite having an almost "sub-woofer" like bottom cabinet with an 8" woofer, I could not detect any boominess or boxiness to the sound.     I actually like the sound of the Parsifal better than Verity higher end flagship models which utilizes ribbon tweeters.  

Overall, the entire setup could have been mistaken for a Triode Tube system.    Its extreme musicality combined with the refined elegance of the sound, makes this an ideal reference setup.  I wouldn't mine duplicating this entire system in my own living room.






Accuphase CD player, very analog sounding.



Mark Levinson No. 326s Preamp



Very nice famous output meters.










I thought this black and white photo looked pretty cool.




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