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Stereopal Home Visit:   Steve Huang of CryoClear Cables  1st Visit: Sept 12, 2005

2nd Visit: May 20, 2006

                   “One of the most important things to an audio system, is to get the acoustics right.”  

                                                                                                                        …… Steve Huang





Steve is the founder and designer of CryoClear cables.   I actually met Steve through buying power cables from him, since then we have became good friends. 

Steven has a keen interest in audio tweaks.   His technical knowledge combined with his natural sense of curiosity,  has led to many innovative audio tweaking designs.  

I have picked up a few tricks from Steve myself.  And, he makes dam good cables.

See:  www.cryoclear.com 


System Components:

CD: Sony SACD Player, heavily modified by Tube Research Inc, Model SACD SCDC 2000ES

CD2: Marantz SCD-14 Modified by Tube Research Inc.

Amp: Rotel RMB-1095 Power Amplifier

Processor: Anthem AVM 20

Preamp: Conrad Johnson Premier  17LS

Speaker: Paradigm Reference Studio 60

Spkr Cables: Kimber 8TC

Interconnects: Cryo-Clear Pure Silver Interconnects

Pwr Conditioner: Monster Power Reference HTS 3500

Power Cords: Cryo-Clear Silver 2



Steve’s Comments:



“There are two important things to audio, ONE, you must start with a good electrical treatment.   Two, you must get the room acoustics right.


I like the life style convenience of having a combined Home Theatre system and 2 CH system together.

If you spend enough time getting the room acoustics right, you can actually have pretty good sounds.”



Future Plans:


“Perhaps I would like to consider a Conrad Johnson Preamp.   But then again, I like the convenience of Solid State equipments.”





“I have applied many tweaks to my system. All my equipments sits on special isolation platforms which help to eliminate a lot of the unwanted vibrations.    The CD player and the amp, are both treated with ERS paper.  They help to filter our unwanted RFI noises.   


I also have a dedicated room to audio, this way I can set up Sound Panels to absorbed direct reflection off the front speakers.   I also have tube traps positioned in the corner to reduce standing waves.   All my room treatments follow the Jon Risch recipe for Acoustic Treatments.”





Wilson Benesch Discovery.   Steve fell in love with these after listening to

Tuan's system.  He immediately went and bought a pair.




Steve's new Conrad Johnson Premier 17S Preamp with 6DJ8 Tubes.



If you sit down with Steve, he'll tell you a long story about Tube Research Labs and their modifications.   There is an thread on Audiogon on this whole issue.

The bottom line is that the player DOES kick the butt of many players costing many times over.    It also sounds better than the SONY you see below (also moded by Tube Research Labs).    This is the only SACD player which I like so far.   All other ones, no matter how expensive, were not able to convince me to give me Redbook CD players.



Heavy modifications to the CD player done right by the Pros, comes with a hefty price tag.   Their modifications cost 3-4x the actual cost of the player.   The performance ?   Unbelievably good !   But not as good as the Marantz above.

Anthem AVM20 Processor

Monster Reference Power Conditioner for Video Only


Heavy Duty Acoustic Panels

Tube Traps for reducing standing waves


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