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Stereopal Home Visit:   Ben from Toronto                                                                                                   Date:  May 13, 06



   "High Fidelity ........ to reproduce live music which  combines many contradictory elements together; and most often simultaneously: fast and slow, hard  and soft; dynamic and delicate; warm and lean"

                                                                                                                                                                                ........ Ben





While I was in university, I would visit the Hazelton Lanes in Yorkville (Toronto) every Christmas.   There was an outdoor skating ring within the shopping center.  While romantic couples were skating in the snow, you would hear classical music coming off a pair of Martin Logans placed out side the shop of a CD store nearby.  

Now you can be sure I wasn't there for the scenery.  I was there for a single purpose, the Martin Logans.  

I was thrilled when Ben told me his Logans were driven by my favorite amplifier, the MC275 IV.       They have always been one of my dream speakers.     

Ben's system is setup in his semi-dedicated soundroom in his basement.    Sonically and atheistically, Ben's setup has everything to be desired.






System Components:


CD Player: Myryad MCD600 CD Player
Preamp: EAR 834L Preamplifier with Mullard CV4003, and Brimar CV4004
Power Amp: McIntosh MC275 IV with Brimar CV4004, and Mullard CV4024
Speakers: Martin Logan Odyssey
Conditioner: PS Audio PS300 Powerplant (CD Player only)
Current Filter: Blue Circle Noise Hound
Cables: Nordost Vishnu x2, Stealth Cloude 9, DH Labs Revelations and T14 Shotgun bi-wire





Ben's Comments:



"My modest system has provided me many hours of music enjoyment. It is far from perfect but nonetheless allows me to connect to the music on an emotional level. I love listening to jazz and classical music from the 20s-60s - but also try to explore 'new' music whenever I can.

I am currently working on positioning my speakers.   As you can see, I have a relatively small room and the Odyssey is quite a large speaker.   I notice my sound preference changes over time.       Initially my listening positioning is further away from the speakers, but now I mainly enjoy near field experiences.

May 29 Updates:

After settling in, the new EAR preamp sounds really good now! I can understand why it is a one time HP editor choice (and from memory I think he even calls it one of the top 3 preamp of the decade or something in his usual over-the top fashion).

Even with crappy tubes now its tonal purity is memorable - happy to report a successful match-up with MC275! (Am I the first to match the 2 brands?) Can't wait to get some NOS and better cables (now with JPS FX between the two for now - not a bad cable by any means but still....).  Tim de Paravincini lives up to his reputation - just found out that  he designed recording gears for Water Lily, Chesky records, and Mobile fildelity as well...what a resume...

You can see my new wall diffuser and rack.









          Wall diffuser.




Photos taken during the 1st visit:







Nostalgic, classy and legendary, the MC275 has been around before I was born.   This is the Mark IV version





         Myryad CD Player and PS Audio Powerplant




           Closeup of the Power Plant




           Blue Circle Noise Hound









  Martin Logan Odyssey





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