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  Stereopal Visits: Ed from Vancouver  Date:  April 14, 1013







Sometimes I just wish my audiophile buddies lives closer to me.   Ed has been a good friend for many years, and I have the privilege of seeing the evolution of his system.

Nearly everything has been changed since the last time I saw him except for the JC Verdier turntable.

Speakers went from Genesis 1.1, to Wilson Maxx 3s to now, the Focal Maestro Utopia.

Amplifiers are the Burmester 911 MkIIIs which I just reviewed for Dagogo.com.

A picture speaks a thousand words, please enjoy the eye candies....




Comments from Ed:


Of the turntables I own, I like the Clearaudio the best.  Partially because of the way it looks I suppose.

The TT2 + insider wood is a very accurate.  The clearaudio magnify + Benz SLR is rich, colored, and sweet.  These two goes into the Burmester PH100.


I havent yet evaluate the Verdier + Phantom + Atlas yet.  When I had the Titan, it was great for classical and rock.

The Verdier + Dynavector 507 mk2 + Dynavector XV1s is very balanced.  Great weight on the body and bass, good for vocal and Jazz.


The Brinkmann + vintage FR 64SS sounds more course, but big soundstage.  I have them mounted with either Dynavector DV20X2 or an old Jeff Rowland cartridge made by Ikeda.  It is sometimes great for orchestra or chorus music.

These three goes into Aesthetix Rhea Signature.


The Transrotor + SME sounds different than its look; it is very warm and musical.  I purposely mounted the Shelter 7000 to make it even warmer.  Its good for female vocal, or Jazz too.  Im planning to mount a second arm with Koetsu.


The VPI+Triplanar + Benz wood L2 is fast and dynamic.  Its the cheapest combo here, but sometimes surprisingly good.  Its good for rock and pop.


The VPI and Transrotor goes into the Aesthetix IO Signature.













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