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Stereopal Visit:        Victor  from Toronto                                                                                                  Date:  April 8, 06



         "My oldest piece of gear, the Edison phonograph dates back to the early 1900s......"


                                                                                                                                 ...... Victor




Victor is an avid audiophile, and a vintage equipment collector.    Visiting his home is very much like visiting an audio museum.

From Edison phonographs, to 1st generation Philips CD player, Victor has a bit of just about everything.   According to Victor, vintage gear hunting is sort of a "hit and miss" game.   Finding old vintage gear requires a combination of skills and luck.   One man's garbage is another man's gem.  Sometimes you can find treasures in garbage bins or garage sales.     

When the price is right, Victor will sell anything.   He runs a vintage audio business on the side so I suppose he'll sell anything when the dollar sign gets big enough. 





System Components:


Radio: Northern Electric Console Radio
Radio: Philips Short Wave Radio
Speaker: Tannoy Autograph with 15" drivers
Amplifier: Marantz 2 Tube Monoblocs
Amplifier: Western Electric 300B Model 91a  
Open Reel Tape Deck: Pioneer RT770
Phonograph: Edison Phonograph
CD Player: Luxman D-500X
CD Player No 2: 1st generation Philips CD 202
Other gears: Marantz 10B Tube, SB7 Deck, ST7 Tuner, Console SC7, Onkyo TX-2500
Cassette Deck: Akai GX
Other Speaker: Vintage JBL Metragon
  Rare Lowther Speaker Model TP-1
  Western Electric Horn 15" Jensen




Victor's Comments:


Coming up shortly...............




  Northern Electric Console Tube radio



WE 300B Model 91A Replica, NOT the original WE.







Interesting Luxman CD player dating back to the early 80s, and Open reel tape decks.


The Onkyo TX-2500 MK II Tuner




Is this old enough for you ?

How about this as your Source ?  I bet you it beats the sound of his Jadis CD Player.....


This Tannoy Autograph is probably worth over $ 10,000 these days.  Most of them have been snapped

up by the Japanese in the early 80s.  I heard Tannoy have reintroduced a 14" tall version of the Autograph.

I should have invested in one of these and not in my Nortel stocks.



Now this is certainly a piece of Audio legend, the Marantz 7 Tuner.




  Interesting Marantz console.

 The player which started it all !  The very first generation Philips CD202.



Now this is a big speaker !   JBL Metragon




Interesting Snail Horn speakers, shown here with Lowther TP-1, and Marantz 2 Monoblocs.







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