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  Stereopal.com Analog 301 Turntable Setup Seminiar  Date:  April 27th, 2013




ANA301 - Advanced Analog Setup Seminar


Date: April 27, 2013


Time: 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm


Venue: TAVES Office (45B West Wilmot Street, Unit 1, Richmond Hill, Ontario)


Speaker:  Richard H. Mak of Stereopal.com, and Staff Reviewer at Dagogo.com


                                        * Fundamental theories behind Analog Setup

                                        * Examining Setup Geometries & Tools (Feickert vs Uni Protractor)

                                        * Azimuth setup with distortion analyzers vs the Adjust+ Software

                                        * VTA Setup using distortion analyzers vs visual methods

                                        * Anti-skating setup, myths and tools, & distortion analyzes

                                        * VTF setup

                                        * Q&A










Introduction by GTA Audiophile Club Administrator Len Goldstein


Event coverage by filmmaker Bodhan Turok of Turok Productions






Q&A Session


Post seminar dinner at Tutto Bene









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