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Stereopal Home Visit:       Bruce from Markham                                                                                   Date: August 22, 2005



         "There’s magic with Single Ended Systems which are not found in Push Pull Amplifiers,


                     After a hard day’s work, my SET amps revitalizes my soul” …………. Bruce







Bruce enjoys light jazz, and single instrument presentations. He is never shy about his preference towards Single Ended Gears. He is very often loud, and totally unambiguous about it.


“Push Pull gears are just not able to deliver the musicality of SET amps, the music is just not involving”.


Although many may disagree with Bruce’s viewpoint, his SET system is indeed one of the best I have heard. It is seductive, euphoric, involving and magical. Yes, the sound can be a little distorted at high volume, but then again, Cognac & Cigars are supposed to be bad for you too………


I must say this system totally kicked my ass on the “River of Sorrow” performance (FIM XR24 006). Totally smoked my system on single instrument presentations.


System Components:


SourceNo. 1:       Pioneer Elite PD-59 (For Sale: $ 200 CDN)

CD Transport:     Sony SCD-1 / SACD Player

Jitter Reclock:    Genesis Digital Lens (Jitter Reclocking Computer)

DAC:                      MUSE Electronics Model 2

Preamp:               Audio Experience Symphonies

Power Amp 1:     DIY 2A3 with Valve Art 2A3, RCA 5U4G Rectifier & 6K7 Input Tube

Power Amp 2:    Antique Sound Labs 300B

Power Amp 3:    LITKE T-62 EL34 Power Amp

Speakers:          Laurenity Acoustics Transmission Line Single Driver Speaker

Spkr Cable:        A very old Western Electric Cable

Interconnect:      Van den Hul

Power Cable:     Cryo-Clear Silver 2

Conditioner:       Adcom Model ACE 515 Power Line Conditioner



Bruce’s Comments:




My system is possibly the best I have heard, it is musical and involving.   The coherency of Single Driver speakers are unmatched by any other configuration.   I enjoy Norah Jones and other light jazz music.


My speakers are relatively new, and the drivers are not completely broken in yet, check back with me in 3 months time !   My favorite tube is the 2A3, which is preferred to over the 300B.   I prefer these ones over EL34 or KT88 components.   I have a EL34 amplifier (as seen in picture), but it just sits there collecting dust.   It is just not up to par with my SET amps.


The SONY SCD-1 is one of the best transports in the market today.   It weights a hefty 60 lbs and is top notch quality.   However, its only good when used as a transport.   The DAC section sound very very digital.   It is bright and hard sounding. 



Future Plans:


I would like to replace my CD Transport, to a CDC Belt drive.   I hope it will give me more of an analogue feel to my system.   My 2A3 with only 3 watt is underpowered, I wish to make one which is 6W or 12Ws.


I need better spikes for my speakers, they are not planted firmly enough into the carpet.


2A3 vs 300B:


If I was to make a comparison between these 2 tubes, 2A3 is a beautiful and elegant female, while the 300B is an energetic young man.   





I have applied a proprietary liquid solution to the outer layer of my Tubes.   They serve to increase the soundstage and clarity of the overall presentation.     Lignum Vitae wooden blocks are used to support my CD transport and DAC.   They are the hardest and densest wood on earth, and they smoke Black Diamond Racing Cones big time.





Laurentiy Acoustics  Backload Horn 


DIY 2A3 Power Amp - 3 Watts of  Single Ended Power

300B is my second favorite.     

 EL 34, all it does is collect dust.  ‘I don't like Push Pulls” ...Bruce


Pioneer Elite CD Transport,  Genesis Jitter Corrector     

Sitting on Lignum Vitae exotic wood.

MUSE D/A Converter

Pre-amp with 12AX7 tube, also sitting on Lignum Vitae Exotic Wooden Blocks.  



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