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  Stereopal Featured System:   Jerry Seh from Singapore  Date:  Dec 12, 2007










I met Jerry through the Audiokarma McIntosh forum, and I have been waiting for these pictures for a long time !  

Jerry has gone through several major system changes in the last few years.    His speakers went from the Wilson Watt Puppy, to the McIntosh XRT 30.   The amps went from the MC501 to the monstrous MC1201, delivering 1200W of conservatively rated power.  These amps will likely drive almost any speakers on the planet.

I have also learned that Jerry have recently acquired a pair of MC2000 tube amplifiers.

However, what interest me the most is his vintage McIntosh setup, which goes to show you how much of a Mac fanatic he is !



  System Components:  
  CD Player: McIntosh MCD1000
  D/A Converter: McIntosh MDA1000
  CD Player: McIntosh MVP841
  Amplifier: MC 1201 x 4 Monoblocks
  Speakers: McIntosh XRT 30
  Cables: Cardas Golden Reference
  Vintage Components:  
  Turntable: Linn LP 12 with Lingo / Ekos / Troika
  CD Player: McItnsoh MCD7005
  Receiver Preamp: McIntosh MX113
  Amplifier: McIntosh MC2205 200 WPC
  Equalizer: McIntosh MQ101 3 Band EQ
  Speaker: Classic McIntosh Speaker ML1C
  Power Relay Switch: McIntosh R612
  Cables: Cardas Crosslinks




     Jerry's Comments:



If there is short summary statement I can use to best describe my system - then it is a very "musical and not a hifi system".

To me, the term "hifi" simply mean a system used for "demo purpose" - to show off its ability to play discs with high impact and dynamics - simply to impress, especially the speakers and/or the amps capability to respond.

However, these same systems seemingly very impressive at first, are seldom able to be "musical" in the long run. And I dont think anyone buy a system simply to play that few demo discs all the time at home!

McIntosh equipment are different. They all about musicality, enjoyment  and being able to subject the owner/listener to be totally immersed in a music presentation. It brings out the not only the sweetness of the music, but the total flavor inclusive of dynamics and high impact if there is any. In short, it brings one to into the performance, into the music.  Of course,
the beauty McIntosh gears, in the dark especially are very very mesmerizing. The nice blue meters, the red and green lightings all added an atmosphere of serenity.

Why I made the switch from Wilson WP7 (and even the planned purchase of the
Maxx 2) to McIntosh XRT30's?

I have always liked/loved Wilson's speakers. Having lived  with the WP's ... from 6 to 7 says so much on its influence in my hi-fi journey. However, all these changed when I first listened to the McIntosh ML1C's. They changed my perception about McIntosh making good speakers. The ML1C's sounded so musical and mind you, them being 30+ years old speakers. And
being powered with an equally vintage McIntosh gears made me realized that McIntosh DO MAKE very musical sounding speakers - apart from their already very excellent gears!

The sound of the ML1C's are so analogue, so musical. These very same words are being uttered by almost every audiophile friend of mine - after they had a long session, listen to this vintage McIntosh system. Mind you, these guys owned speakers like Genesis 300, Talon Firebird Diamond, MBL 101E's, Klipsch Cornwall III's, all much more costly and supposedly very high end speakers.

I took the gamble and ordered the pair of XRT30's (before the coming of the XRT1k's) and like they say, the rest is history!

I bought the MC2000 for the sole purpose of wanting to own one of the rare tube amps. Well, I am a weird person of sorts and would now want to own a pair, simply for the "dream" that one day, I might have a "third" system using these 2 sets for bi-amping purposes. Meanwhile, they stay on the racks as show pieces. At least, I once have them playing the WP7's for
a while ... and they do sound good as long as performing within their power limits.

Changes? Well, I am toying with the idea of changing my current 2 pairs of MC1201's for the newer MC1.2k's ... and up the ante by going for the ultimate 3-some - tri-amping. On the otjher hand, for the same monies, I could also go for the ultimate stereo pair of MC2Kw's ..... Decisions, very tough ones ...... which I am still pondering and because of this, I have
freeze the LED Kit upgrade plans for my current 2 pairs of MC1201's. The other contradicting idea was the adding of a C1000C/1000T pre-amp where in the first place, I was planning for an all DIGITAL McIntosh system (which I
have succeeded). This mainly due to the arrival of the new McIntosh MT10 Turntable ......... I am still working out my prerogatives and priorities, .... so far, I am and have been able to hold my hands from my banking account.

Anything can happen in  the future, who knows. I might even be crazy enough, if I can and will want to buy a bigger home. For with the added space, I might just go for the REAL ULTIMATE McIntosh system, the Reference 2k system. Then, no brainers, the MC2Kw's (2 pairs perhaps) and maybe the XRT2K speakers too.

Meanwhile, I am really enjoying every minute of my time with my 2 systems. The all digital McIntosh in the living room and before sleep, the Vintage system! And until I made up my mind which way I want to upgrade, I shall continue to enjoy them! And if the change should come, its purely vanity and nothing to do with the current system being not up to mark!

I listen to all kinds of music, classical (light ones), Jazz (but not into big band nor very "deep" standards), and some pops. For Chinese pops/jazz, I listen to singers like Cai Cin, etc, ....."             ...... Jerry Seh, Dec 23  '07

























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