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    GTA Audiophile Club: Friday night bash in Goodwood  Date:  Sep 6, 1013







"Great get together last night ! I had dinner before I came but your spread was so inviting, I can't help myself but to gorged down some more, wonderful Pepper salad.
Sound was dynamic, I enjoyed the high end the most, sweet & full body, you can only get it from ML. Over all nice set up IMO. Thank you for an enjoyable evening!!"  (GTAA Administrator)

"I second what has been said.  Thank you for a nice evening.   If audiophile get togethers are purely based on system performance, and the evaluation thereof, I cannot see how the pitfalls of a subjective slugfest can be avoided.    I believe people comes first, which means the entire "Audio Experience" incorporates not only good sound, but good people, good attitude, good food, good wine and good company.  That we had last night !

And oh so good the wines were !  1995 Chateau Lagrange and 1986 Chateau Lynch Bages !
The sonic aspect of the evening was purely (for me) an exercise to identify and to appreciate the qualities which I don't have in my own system, despite having the same arm, table, and cartridge.   The remarkable transparency of the top end extension, the accurate portrayal of acoustic space with depth, width, and "air" between instruments, are the hallmarks of CLXs.....   qualities which I do not have, and want.   
Surely every system has its weaknesses, and perhaps what we can try next the Admin's valuable suggestion:  Adding a bit of soft materials behind the speakers to reduce bass cancellation ?"   (Rick)





















































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