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Stereopal Home Visit:   Ran Perry from Toronto                                                                Date:  April 21, 2006





When I first walked into Ran's apartment, my jaws dropped.   "Ran, these are HUGE speakers for your room!  ".  The speaker stands 48" tall and 21" deep, with a 3" inch thick front baffle.

As big as the speakers may be, they did not over power the room.   There were no speaker resonance or room resonance to speak of.  In fact, they disappear quite nicely into the room.  

Ran's system is about speed, accuracy, and transparency.     It is very unlikely for a tube based system to present the type of bass definition which I heard from Ran's system.  

I can't wait to hear Ran's system in a bigger room.





System Components:


CD Player: Wadia 302
Power Amp: Jeff Rowland Model 3 Monoblocks 
Power Conditioner: APC H15
Speakers: Hales Concept 5
Power Cables: Cardas Reference
Speaker Cables: Transparent Audio, Super Bi-Cable
Interconnect: Transparent Audio Music Link Balanced
Audio Rack: Alantis Reference




Ran's comments:

1. Type of music I like:

I listen to Jazz, Classical, rock and I also collect soundtracks from old movies.

2. Sound of my system

I rather go with "Accurate", "Dynamic" & "Balanced" than with "Sweet", "Lush" & "Warm". I believe that a good stereo should reflect the live music regardless of tubes/transistors or digital/analog.    I often attend live music concerts and I have modeled my sound based  on my experience with live music.

3. Strengths / weaknesses

Great tonal balance throughout the spectrum without trade offs.    Good dynamics and soundstage.    The Hales are power / current hungry speakers. Although my Rowland  amps are great pair, I would like to replace them with a true muscle
    amp (Boulder, Rowland, Krell) as I feel that the speakers demand  that!

4.  Some favorite titles:





 This should be on your recommended CD list, in impressive recording, highly recommended



"Forbidden Colors" is my favorite track on this CD, however it is not on the re-mastered edition of this title.   The re-mastered edition has more dynamics, but it sounds more digital.  





Beautiful Wadia CD player with an extruded aluminum outer shell, build like a tank as usual.




Rowland Research which later renamed itself to Jeff Rowland.














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