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Stereopal Featured System:

   Ken's 2nd system (Markham, Canada)  

2nd Visit:  March 3, 2006

    1st Visit:   Nov 10, 2005


"Of all the audio equipment I have ever owned, the 845 JC Verider Amplifier is one of the best ever." ....Ken                     





Since my last visit, Ken's second system has been completely changed from top to bottom.

According to Ken, he favors the 845 JC Verdier amplifier over the VAC 300B amplifier (with original WE tubes).   The new speakers are another one of Ken's DIY design.  The cabinets are imported from overseas, while the drivers are Scanspeaks.

I do not see too many 845 amplifiers too often, to me they are "exotics" even amongst tube amplifiers.   The 845 tube run at very high voltages, and generate a lot of heat.    I suppose if you can use them as your backup heater for the room.....

The sound ?  Magical & euphoric !



System Components:


CD Source: Cary CD 306
Amplifier: JC Verdier 845 Monoblocs
Pre-amp: McCormack Line Drive TLC-1
2nd Amplifier: Canary Audio CA301 MK II (300B Triode Amplifier)
Speaker: Ken's DIY with Scanspeak drivers
Speaker Cable: Acoustic Zen Hologram





Ken's Comments:


General Comments:

Yes, I do change gears very often.   I suppose if I want to count  numbers, 4-5 amplifiers have gone in and out of this room in the past 3 months alone.     This is my home office and I mainly listen to single instrument presentation or vocals with this system.  Big orchestral pieces are usually reserved for the system down in the bastment.

As you can see, I have sold the VAC 300B amplifier and have replaced it with the Canary Audio 300B.   They are both great amps, but personally I prefer the JC Verdier 845 over both of them.    Even though the Verdier has less output power than the VAC 300B, the low ends are tighter and the tops are more open.    This is definitely one of the best sounding amplifiers I have ever owned.  

The DIY speaker cabinets were imported from overseas.   The quality is superb and the price is simply unbeatable.

The Cary 306 is a very good player.    At least this is what I replaced the turntable with, although the analog sound is still much better. 


Plans for Upgrade:


As you probably know by now, I change gears very often and my system will probably change rather quickly.




A picture is better than a thousand words.  

I love these close up shots.


     If you touch the tubes, you'll likely be burned.





The McCormack preamp is not hooked up.   According to KEN the setup sounds best with the Cary going directly into the Verdier 845.    


Nothing much to look at here.   Quite a boring look especially with the bad lighting.   The Canary amplifier is not hooked up.





These speakers don't look like DIYs to me.

Might as well post everything including the Acoustic Sound speaker cable.



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