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    2005 McIntosh Factory Visit

Intro • Circuit Boards • Transformers • Control Panels • Metal Fabrication • Assembly • Service / Speaker • Engineering • Demonstration



    McIntosh has been occupying this building since 1957.  This is the front of the building before the recent "McIntosh Look" facelift.

    The same building now looks just like a McIntosh amplifier, pretty cool !






McIntosh may not be the oldest name in high end audio, but it is certainly the most revered and the most well known audio manufacturer.   If you tell somebody that you’re an audiophile, sooner or later that person will ask you whether you own McIntosh equipments. 

On Monday August 8th, 2005,  a group of Audio Karma members including myself, embarked on a trip to see the famous factory in Binghamton, New York. 

I took a 6 hrs drive from Toronto, and arrived at 9 pm the evening before the tour.   McIntosh’s hospitality began the moment I arrived.   

I met up with a few AK members at a pub nearby, and we were greeted by Ron Cornelius (McIntosh Product Manager) with glasses of good old Guinness & big fat juicy burgers. Everything was Ron’s treat, and we all drank and ate to our hearts content.   What a nice way to begin a factory tour .


                     Late night snacks and drinks with Ron-C of McIntosh (2nd to the right).


    We began the factory tour at 9 am the next morning.        





Front Entrance Display

“McIntosh manufacture everything in-house.  You will see the entire manufacturing process, beginning with Raw Materials to Finished Products, everything is done       in-house !”   - Ron-C



Ron began the tour by explaining to us McIntosh’s long tradition of excellence.    Many of the employees have been working for the company for over 30-40 years.  The same people who designed and built the legendary products from before, are still designing and building them today. 

We were told by Ron that McIntosh have an open door policy.   We are free to take as many pictures as we want to.   Their tradition of excellence is evident in every stage of the manufacturing process, and they are proud to show it off.





   Factory Tour Outline:

  1) Circuit Board: Insertion Machine, Soldering Machine
  2) The Legendary McIntosh Transformer
  3) Front Control Panels
  4) Metal Fabrication, Machine Shop
  5) Assembly Lines
  6) Warehousing & Shipping, Service Department, Speaker Department
  7) McIntosh Engineering: Anechoic Chamber
  8) Finished Products Demonstration



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