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CD Recommendation FAQs:




1) How do you select titles ?


Selection is based upon the quality of the recording, rather than on the type of music we like.    We may recommend a title with  exceptional recording quality, but we may not like the music on the CD itself.


By "quality", we are referring to recording quality from an audiophile perspective (ambience, clarity, musicality, smoothness, etc).   To be fair, I usually obtain opinions from  4-5 different audiophiles before a title gets posted on the website.




2) What makes you think you are qualified ?


I am an simply an ordinary audiophile who loves music.   I thought this list of recommended CDs may benefit those who are just starting out to build a collection.


I am probably the least qualified individual when it comes to music recommendation.    I have meet enough Audiophiles and Music Lovers, to know that there plenty of individuals with far great knowledge than I do.   




3) I would like to recommend a title to be posted on Stereopal......?


We welcome & appreciate recommendations, please email me at    admin@stereopal.com





4) I sent you a recommendation, how come you didn't post it on the site ?


I do get recommendations often and I appreciate them.   But  I only post the ones which meets my selection criteria.





5) I disagree with your recommendation and I have wasted money on the CD, you SOB  (*#$(#$*#$($   ?


Well that's too bad.   I guess we have different taste, but please do email me and let me know so that I will re-evaluate the particular title.  But I will say this, my website is 100% non-profitable, I do not have to pretend to be neutral.     All recommendations are based upon the personal opinion of the individual making the recommendation or myself.   They reflect opinions which may very well be different than yours. 


Furthermore, what sounds good on my system may sound bad on yours, and vice versa.


If you get upset, well then that's too bad !!  You are free to start your own website and offer different opinions.




6) Do you do this for money.   Are you "paid" to recommend certain titles.


Absolutely not.    I do not get "samples" from distributors.   Everything is out of my own pockets.  





7) Do titles get deleted ?


Yes, over time the list will get too big and titles will be deleted.    The goal is to maintain a list of "THE BEST OF THE BEST" only.





8) How come you do not recommend SACDs  or  XRCDs ?


SACD - I do not have an SACD player, nor have I found one which I like.   ALL SACDs & SACD players sound digital to my ear.

                nor do I think the SACD format will survive, but that's just my opinion.


XRCD - I do have XRCDs on my recommended list, but most of the XRCDs sound exaggerated to my ears.  


Some will get furious over this, but I have no interest in debates.    





9) Who do you recommend so little classical music.


Because I am not qualified and my knowledge in the subject is very shallow.     Plus, I make recommendation based upon recording quality, and not upon performance evaluation.   I'll leave that to those with music doctorates.





10) Why do you recommend so many CDs from Norway and Scandinavia ?


Simply because the Scandinavians have the ability to record music with the utmost clarity in live settings.   Their CDs are often presented in the most natural way, without coloration or equalization.    Proprius and KKV are my two favorite labels.





11) Can you order titles for me, do you sell CDs ?


Sorry, please order them from your favorite dealer.    I'm not in the business of selling.








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