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No B.S  Audiophile CD recommendations  


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7) Northern Europe    




Title: Himmelskip, Iver Kleive & Kurt Reisersrud         Rating: 3.95 / 5


Label: Kirkelig Kulturverksted, FXCD-163


Available through:  or


If you are fond of the Proprius title Antiphone Blues where Arne Domnerus plays saxophone in a Church setting, you may like this one.


Himmelskip literally means "The Ship of Heaven".  The title was recorded in the Odense Cathedral in Denmark, where twelve choral melodies were recorded directly to an analog tape machine.    The unique blend of electric guitar and pipe organ is captured with the utmost dynamics and magnificence


Kleive & Reisersrud are establish musicians in Norway, and their music was used to end the opening ceremony with a crescendo at the XVII Olympic Winter Games.     They have also been awarded the prestigious Norwegian Music Award (Spelemannprisen).


Funny how the picture on the front cover is probably the spookiest of all my CDs.







Recommended by Stephen.

To see his system:    CLICK HERE

  Title: B_ella - Sabine Bickel, Tracks of Heart           Rating: 3.9 / 4

Label: Clear Audio

This title was recommended to me by fellow member Stephen Fung.

By now, Tracks of Heart" has reached considerable status as a definitive audiophile recording.     A clear recording of guitars, vocals and other instruments, some have called it the best female audiophile recording of 2005.

Several Stereopal members have suggested to me that they prefer the CD over the 180 gram LP.

    Title: Levande - Therese                                                Rating: 4.1 / 5

Label: Opus 3 CD 7917

Regardless of what she may be singing, the recording of this title certainly lives up to OPUS 3’s reputation. A combination of light guitar and other instruments, Theresa Juel sings Swedish ballet music. The songs sounds more “folkish” to me than ballet. Although she is no Maria Callas, the quality of the recording makes up for any short comings, from an audiophile recording perspective.

    Title: Evert Taube - Erik Sæden                                   Rating: 4.3 /5

Label: Proprius 9152

A very hard to find title (probably available here: ).

Listen to Erik Sæden sing songs by Evert Taube, and you may want to tuck away other male vocals for a little bit. This will dwarf other so called audiophile male vocal CDs by comparison. He sings with utmost clarity and emotion, coupled with the mastering quality, this title earned a well deserved high score.




    Title: 30 Years’ Fidelity                                                                   Rating: 4.8 / 5

Label: Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV—FXCD 285)

This CD can be found here: or

The KKV label prides itself in producing music that aims to be as true as possible to the original sound of the voices and instruments.   The quality is on par if not better than the Proprius Label.

This CD has a variety of music ranging from folk, jazz to flamenco. It is the 30 year anniversary CD of the KKV label. The Scandinavians have their ways of doing recordings. In my humble opinion, they are the best in the world.

Update:     After more careful listening to this CD over many several months, I have decided to raise the score to 4.8 /  5.    Some of the recordings on here are simply breathtaking.     Track No. 9 "Dilelol", is taken from the ablum "Lullabies from the Axis of Evil", is filled with powerful emotions.  Track No. 10, recorded in the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem is another stunning performance.  The ambience is on par with Proprius' Cantate Dominos.   

Although the music on the CD may not be everyone's cup of tea, be reminded that my recommendations are based upon recording Qualities, and not upon music preferences.



          Contemporary Romantic Music for Choir & Instruments


                                                                                                     Rating: 3.9 / 5

Label: Proprius PRCD 9026


One of the most romantic album I have heard. The female vocal is soothing, and relaxing. Truly an audiophile album which stands out from the crowd of so called “female vocal recordings”. Plenty of beautiful melodies on the CD as well.


The only drawback is that the recording is a little rounded out at the top.   But you still get plenty of musicality, and smoothness.




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