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No B.S  Audiophile CD recommendations  


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4) Light Jazz




Recommended by S. Robertson
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  Title: Musica Nuda - Live a Fip                    Shawn's Rating: 4.2/5

ASIN: B000U05K2S

This title was discovered by Shawn Robertson at the 2008 Montreal audio show.  This particular title was played over and over again in the Lamm Industries / Verity Audio room.

A french live recording featuring female vocals and double bass.

You'll hear a lot of texture on the double bass strings.   The songs are strange but enjoyable renditions of popular pop titles.   The recording is extremely high quality.  





Recommended by Steve, 

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Title: Black Bird (Siri's Slave Band)                 Steve's Rating: 4.5 / 5


Label: Sonor Records


Genre: Jazz


Here's another high quality recording from a Norwegian Label.  The title use to be a vinyl LP but it is no longer available.  


According to Steve, the bass instruments are the signatures of the CD, they are well defined, deep and smooth.










Title: DUETS (Rob Wasserman)                     


Label: MCA - MCAD 42131                                            Rating: 3.9/5         


Genre: Light Jazz


As good as it gets for a $ 10 CD.  Songs by Aaron Neville, Rickie Lee Jones, Bobby Mcferrin, Jennifer Warnes, Dan Hicks, and others. The SOLO or the TRIOS album by Rob Wasserman just do not have the quality of this one.


The vocals are recorded with the utmost clarity, while the double bass is as real as you can get.    If the bass on your system is loose or boomy, the double bass on some of the songs will turn your room into a boom box.   But on systems with a good low end control, you will hear every pluck of the double bass strings.






Title: Dave’s True Story - Sex without Bodies

                                                                                                  Rating: 4 / 5


Label: Chesky Records


A live recording done in a church, with a deep and wide soundstage. Kelly Flint’s voice is silky & seductive.








  Title: Retrospective - Rebecca Pidgeon                                                                                Rating: 3.7 / 5

Label: Chesky Records

Rebecca sings along the lines of Norah Jones’ signature, with similar instruments. The famous track on the disc is “Spanish Harlem”. A song which I have chosen for the review of the Cryoclear cable. Some have resorted to buying the “Women of Songs” CD on the Chesky Label which also contains the Spanish Harlem Track.
However, I personally like every single track on this CD.

Left: Women of Songs, Chesky JD 159, also worth buying.




      Title: Café Blue - Patricia Barber                                                                                Rating: 3.9 / 5

Label: Blue Note Records # 21820

Very commonly used as a demonstration CD by Audio store. An excellent recording with a wide spectrum of instrument choices. Personally I am not very fond of the way she sings, but then again, we are our recommendations are based on recording quality.






Recommended by Song Kim of Song Audio.  


CLICK HERE to see Mr. Kim's system.



  Title: Live at Blues Alley - Eva Cassidy          Song Kim’s Rating: 4.2 / 5

Label: Blix Street No. 10046

Eva sadly died of cancer in 1996. This title has one of the most beautiful versions of “Field of Gold” ever recorded. A live recording with exceptional dimensionality and ambience. Very good quality for a $ 13 dollar CD.






Recommended by Steve,

 CLICK HERE to see Steve's system.


  Title: Blue Light ‘Til Dawn - Cassandra Wilson          

                                                                                   Steve’s Rating: 4.5 / 5

Label: Blue Note Records

“The recording quality on all of her albums is outstanding. The instruments in songs like Black Crow and Redbone float in a 3D soundstage highlighted by African percussion Cassandra Wilson delivers an eclectic form of jazz tinged with African rhythms. Whether singing jazz standards from the great American songbook or contemporary music from artists like Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison, Cassandra reinvents each song in her own special way. “ ….. Steve H.





Recommended by Bruce,

CLICK HERE to see Bruce’s System.


  Title: Come away with me - Norah Jones                                                  

                                                                                      Bruce’s Rating: 3.5 / 5

Label: Blue Note Records

Very popular title among audiophiles. A very good quality recording considering it’s a $ 10 CD.






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